Samsung Galaxy S7 Battery Replacement Guide

Is your Galaxy S7 experiencing battery problems? Do you want to know how to take the battery out of a Galaxy S7? Then, this Samsung Galaxy S7 Battery Replacement Guide is all you need. Plus, we even threw in a video tutorial!

Recently, we showed you how to replace a OnePlus One battery and how to change a Galaxy S6 battery. Now, we do the same for the Samsung Galaxy S7 battery. Another non-removable battery. Are you ready? Then, start by gathering the things you need.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Battery Replacement Kit

All right, firstly, we list the necessary tools to open the Galaxy S7. Do not worry! We show you how to reassemble the S7 after you finish.

You may buy these tools in hardware stores, tech shops or other stores. However, we list links to online purchases for your convenience.

Things You Need

The iOpener is a tool that opens tablets and smartphones. The iOpener applies heat directly to areas needing heat to enable tablet opening. The tool, iInvented specifically for the iPad, extends its usage to other devices as well.

You know what the SIM card eject tool does, right? You guessed it! It removes SIM cards. Furthermore, we use the screwdriver to remove screws inside the Galaxy S7.

The guitar picks we use to pry open the device after using the iOpener. Also, the suction cups ensure that you remove parts safely.

How Do You Open The Galaxy S7?

To change the Galaxy S7 battery, we must first remove the adhesive locked rear glass. However, before all that, please remove the SIM card from your Galaxy S7.

To do this, insert a paper clip or SIM remover tool into the hole in the SIM card slot on the power button side of the Galaxy S7. Press to eject the SIM card tray.

Prepare To Use The iOpener Tool

To use the iOpener Tool, you need a microwave. A clean microwave! Place the iOpener into the microwave. Be sure to position the device in the center of the microwave.

Is your microwave a carousel microwave? Then, ensure that the plate inside spins freely. Why do you need to take all these steps? If you do not take caution, then the iOpener may jam. Subsequently, it may overheat and burn. We do not want that to happen!

Heat the iOpener for 30 seconds. You need to reheat the iOpener several times throughout the replacement. However, overheating may cause the iOpener to explode. Hence, you need to heat it in intervals when the tool is cool.

A word of caution, do not ever use or handle the iOpener if it appears swollen. Furthermore, if the center of the iOpener is still hot during use, continue to use it until it cools down.

A heated iOpener stays hot for about 10 minutes. After which, you need to place it back into the microwave and reheat the tool. Remember, this apparatus is hot! Use with caution!

After 30 seconds, remove the iOpener from the microwave. Be sure to hold it by the ends to avoid burning yourself. Use an oven mitt if you need to do so.

Remove the Galaxy S7 Rear Glass

Firstly, place your Galaxy S7 face down on a flat surface. Is your Galaxy S7 glass shattered? Then, be sure to use packing tape to keep it together.

Secondly, with the Galaxy S7 face down. Place the heated iOpener tool over the rear panel for about 30 seconds. The heated iOpener loosens the adhesive holding the edges of the glass together. Check out the image for reference.

Shift the iOpener from one side to the other to ensure that the adhesive loosens all around the Galaxy S7’s rear panel. As mentioned, 30 seconds should do for each side.

Suction Cups & Guitar Picks

Fasten a heavy-duty suction cup to the lower half of the rear glass panel. Tighten the suction cup by raising the hinged handle. Moreover, flip the latch to lock both handles in place. See how to do so in the images here and here.

Have you fastened the suction cups? Then, it is time to use the opening tool, we use a guitar pick, to pry open the rear panel. However, if you encounter resistance, reapply the iOpener tool to release the adhesive further.

With the suction cup, apply pressure to the midsection of the S7’s frame. Meanwhile, pull up the lower edges by rotating your wrist.

Once a large enough gap opens, place a guitar pick between the rear glass and the mid-frame of the Galaxy S7. All good? Wipe the sweat from your brows! See a visual of this here.

Slide the pick around the bottom left corner of the rear glass panel. Then, slide the pick down the power button side of the Galaxy S7. Ok? Now, slide the tool along the top. Finally, slide the guitar pick down along the volume buttons side of the phone.

Pull up on the suction cups while holding down the midframe to separate the parts. Are you getting resistance? Hold up! Slide the pick around the edges of the glass again. Then, try to remove the parts again.

Separating the Galaxy S7 Battery From The Frame

Thirteen 3.5mm screws are holding the Galaxy S7 together. Remove the thirteen screws securing the midframe to the rest of the phone.

Have you removed the screws? Great! Having trouble finding the screws? Then, check out this image. Once removed, proceed to separate the midsection and front panel.

Grip the edge of the midframe assembly as seen in this image. Tilt the midframe assembly up while pushing down on the battery. This movement separates the midframe assembly from the rest of the phone.

Raise the midframe assembly up to separate it from the remainder of the phone. See the illustration here. Once complete, proceed to remove the Galaxy S7 battery connectors.

Separate The Galaxy S7 Battery From The Connectors

Use the flat end of a spudger to disconnect the battery connector from the socket on the motherboard. Do not rush. Apply gentle pressure and tilt the connector upward as seen in this image.

Remove Battery From Galaxy S7

Insert the opening pick between the case and the Galaxy S7 battery. Be extra careful here. You do not want to damage the battery. Damaging the battery cause it to release dangerous chemicals. See the illustration.

Continuing, push the pick further in to separate the battery from the phone’s frame. If the battery has too firmly adhered, place a warm iOpener over the battery to loosen the adhesive.

Additionally, please do not push against the motherboard or you may damage the smartphone. Lastly, separate the Galaxy S7 battery from the frame.


Yay! You did it! You now know how to open the Samsung Galaxy. Also, you can now change the Galaxy S7 battery and other components if you need to do so.

As always, thanks for reading our Samsung Galaxy S7 Battery Replacement Tutorial With Video. Hey! Where is the video? I know I promised a video. However, I did not include in the body of the text.

To conclude, check out the video below. Also, share this post with your friends. In the video, Repairs Universe shows how to open the Galaxy S7, and, also swap the battery on a Galaxy S7. Finally, here’s the promised video tutorial!

Video: Samsung Galaxy S7 Battery Replacement Guide

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