Pixel Users Will Soon Be Able To Save ‘Call Screen’ Transcripts

Call Screen, a feature that started with the Google Pixel 3 and expanded to other Pixel smartphones, will soon allow users to save transcripts of screened calls.

Call Screen transcripts are said to be in the works according to this Google Forums thread. There is no exact date for the release of the feature with a Google rep only stating “later this year”.

Hey Lon – thanks for your feedback. I’m happy to confirm that we will be launching support for saving the transcript later this year. The transcript for the screened portion of the call will be automatically saved in your Call Log once the call has ended. You will be able to access it via the Call Details section of an individual call log item. This will be available to our public beta testers first, and then all Pixel 3 users later in the year.

Google Forums

What we do know is that with the Call Screen transcript feature will automatically save transcripts to the dialer app once a call has ended and will be available for viewing at a later time as well.

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