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The Pinstagram WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop is a Pinterest styled responsive magazine/blogging theme. Pinstagram is built to look and feel like Pinterest, offering content in a very engaging manner. Before we begin our Pinstagram WordPress Theme review, here is why the theme can be the theme you’re looking for. These type of themes see success because of their familiarity to what’s already “the norm” to readers. The Pinstagram Theme offers super easy navigation and aesthetic displays of posts and featured images. On the homepage, there are columns of varying sizes (for desktop) and on mobile devices, due to the fact that the Pinstagram Theme is responsive, the number of columns reduce to fit the width of the screen. Now, let’s dive into the specifics.

MyThemeShop Pinstagram WordPress Theme.


Make Your Site As Engaging As Pinterest… (Without Crashing It). Why Pinterest is Important? Here’s a couple figures you may find interesting…
Pinterest grew 379,599%  in 2012 alone.  From 2011 to 2012, the Pinterest mobile app rose 1698% and users accessed the site via their mobile apps 4225% more. What does this have to do with you? Pinterest’s growth has been incredible. But why are people so drawn to the platform? They spark one of the most powerful human drivers – desire. And they do this through beauty and ease of navigation.  Now, you can implement these same psychological triggers on your site… using the Pinstagram Theme. The Pinstogram Theme, in today’s age, allows you to display your content in a beautiful way. Pinstagram does this for you while pulling the psychological triggers that persuade people to engage.

Pinstagram Theme

Customize Your Site’s Most Vital Areas

With Pinstagram, you won’t need to dive into code to make the most important changes. Because diving into code also means crashing your site – which will eventually happen if you mess with enough code. Ever tried un-crashing your site?

Unlimited Color Schemes

Fully express who you are to the world with immediate access to unlimited color schemes. Want baby puke green? Yes, you can have it. No problem.

Pinstagram theme color options

Google Fonts-Ready

Ever try to use a Google Fonts plugin? Well, you no longer need to.  You’ll especially appreciate how easy it is with the Pinstagram Theme to change your font (on any or all pages) with a couple of clicks.


Hand-pick from Pinstagram’s wide array of Shortcodes. These let you do nifty things with little effort that would normally require lots of
complicated, ugly code. Pinstagram’s Shortcode = shortcut (less valuable time wasted on your end).

Pinstagram Shortcodes


Old theme got ya handcuffed into using two or three lame backgrounds? The Pinstagram Theme gives you Houdini-like abilities. Freeing you to use an unlimited number of backgrounds.

Social Media Sharing Options

Pinstagtam allows you to amplify your social proof by putting your sharing buttons where people will actually use them (without relying on limited outside plugins).

Smart Ads Positioning

Moving your ad a few pixels can mean the difference between a failed campaign and one that brings in the money. With Pinstagram you can put your ad wherever you’d like on your site and test until you hit the sweet spot.

Ready-To-Use Icons

Icons have proved to increase readability by bringing attention to important text. But they’re also a pain to upload and format to your site. Not with Pinstagram. Pop over to the Pinstagram icon font library and grab any icon you want in seconds.


Notice how most other themes don’t realize the web is worldwide? Pinstagram has a drag-and-drop translation file so the whole world will be able to engage with you.

Fully Responsive

With 325 million+ mobile users in the US alone. Your site must be responsive across ALL platforms. Pinstagram is fully responsive across ALL platforms – desktop, mobile and tablet.

Multiple Layouts

Pinstagram supports over 24 layouts, 6 different homepage styles, and 4 page layouts. Pinstagram allows you to tweak these layout to your liking to find the one that best suits you.

Options Panel

Pinstagram’s options panel is one of the simplest options panel to understand and set up. There is literally no learning curve. Not only is it user-friendly but because of Pinstagram’s clean, superior code your site will  load in a snap.

HTML5 and CSS3

Not to worry… Pinstagram is fully up to date with the latest languages. Pinstagram supports HTML5 and CSS3.



Ok, so, the design for the Pinstagram WordPress Theme is quite obvious by now, its made to look and feel like a Pinterest based website. Pinstagram offers a user friendly design for both website owners, working from the admin panel and, website visitors, looking for information. Pinstagram is socially inspired and its design offers the same type of viral factor as the SociallyViral Theme.  Within its design, you’d find bold images, a stylish read more button, titles that stand out, among other stylistic nuances that make the homepage design captivating and user friendly.

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Sticky Header

The Pinstagram Theme is designed to feature a sticky header. The good thing about this is that the user has access the your website’s menu at all times when browsing from a desktop device or tablet with a large enough screen. The user will always have access to the most important sections of your website/blog, given that you place your most important links in the header menu, and this is a great opportunity to improve pageviews and time on site as the user may want to do further research on a particular subject.

Stylish Elements

The Pinstagram theme prides itself as a modern era theme and this means that the MyThemeShop Themes developers took extra care in offering and attractive and fluid design. MyThemeShop included Font Awesome icons, which means that you can use these icons in menus and other areas of the website. If you take a look at the Pinstagram Theme Demo page, you’d notice these icons being used with the menu buttons. What we liked about the Pinstagram Theme is that MyThemeShop allows several modes of pagination and, like most MyThemeShop themes, you can add several stylish custom widgets to the sidebar or footer.


How are your posts structured in the Pinstagram Theme? Check out this demo post. As you can see, the posts are neatly structured and Pinstagram features built in post pagination (something that WordPress does not implement by default without a short code). With regard to images in post, (which you can see in this demo post)  you’d need to set up image alignment when you upload the images and choose a size that complements the layout of the Pinstagram Theme. On a more positive note, the headings are neatly fitted and displayed, the Pinstagram theme supports its very own lighbox feature. A lightbox is a stylized pop-up that allows your visitors to view larger versions of images without leaving the current page. You can enable or disable the lightbox in the control panel (so far, we’ve eliminated the need for Two extra WordPress Plugins). Sadly, featured images are not automatically displayed in posts, so you’d have to add them manually if you want them to appear in your articles and not only on the homepage and category pages.

Search Engine Optimization

Unlike the Schema and SociallyViral themes, which have several markups, Pinstagram only has 2 markups, the Webpage & hentry markup as you can see here in the Google Structured Data Markup Tool. While using the theme we did not notice any significant reduction in traffic from search engines, however, the more markup a theme has, the easier it is for search engine bots to understand the structure of the website and it elements. This is where the two themes mentioned above stand out. At the moment, we are not sure if the developers over at MyThemeShop will update the code to reflect the markups but for the time being you can use the Add Meta Data plugin to add the missing element for the article markup. Luckily, the theme supports the review markup via the MyThemeShop WP Review plugin and this is illustrated perfectly on the search engine results pages.


Speed is extremely important when it comes to developing any website. If your site is not fast then chances are that visitors will leave your site before it even loads. Faster load times translates to higher conversions and happier visitors. The Pinstagram Theme by MyThemeShop is built for speed, although, with a few other tweaks, you can make the theme super fast. Below are screenshots of the scores on the various speed testing tools like Google Page Speed Insights, GTMetrix & Pingdom. Here are the Pinstagram Theme speed test results (Please note that this page is not optimized, after our optimization efforts the score rounded off to 96 and 97 respectively) If you purchase the Pinstagram theme using one of our links then contact us and we’d be happy to help you optimize Pinstagram to achieve faster loader times and near perfect scores on all testing tools:

Pinstagram Theme PageSpeed Insights DeskTop

Here are the results for the mobile version of the test(Please note that this page is not optimized, after our optimization efforts the score rounded off to 96 and 97 respectively).

Pinstagram Theme PageSpeed Insights Mobile

GTMetrix Results

As for testing the Pinstagram theme speed with the GTMetrix page speed testing tools (again the tested page was not optimized by our team):

Pinstagram Theme GTMetirx Speed Results

Pingdom Tools Page Speed Results

We tested the Pinstagram theme from using the Pingdom tools website and these were the results (page was not optimized):

Pinstagram Theme PingDom Speed Results

You can go ahead and run your own page-speed test on the demo page for the Pinstgaram WordPress Theme and see for yourself, although, you won’t get the same results as our pages because we’ve optimized them even further after the fact.

Pinstagram Features Review

  • Color schemes with unlimited choices
  • Google fonts oriented : Change font for specific area or entire website
  • Widgets Board : Drag and Drop widgets for Subscription, Popular Posts
  • Ample list of short-codes : Use buttons, Light-box, Columns into posts/pages
  • Big range of background options : Plain Color, Texture or Custom image
  • Social sharing buttons : Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, LinkedIn etc.
  • Smart positions for adsense ads : sidebar, into post (top,bottom)
  • Ready icons font library : Add icons to website and increase readability
  • Clean coding : Well commented
  • Translation ready : Change languages
  • 6 layouts to select from

What You Get

  1. Unlimited Domain Usage
  2. One Click Installation
  3. One Click Updates
  4. Support & Updates for 1 Year
  5. Detailed Documentation
  6. Narrated Video Tutorials
  7. Options Panel


MyThemeShop developed the Pinstagram WordPress Theme with the intention of providing a beautiful layout and a user friendly design to keep your readers hooked on your content. If you’re looking for premium WP themes that are great for magazine styled website, photo-blogs and personal blogs, then this is one of the themes that you buy without having to worry about performance and usability. The best part is that this highly optimized theme can be bought for a very low price of just $69.

Final Words

Of course the final choice is yours, you can check out other premium WordPress themes from MyThemeShop and choose the one that’s right for you. Or you can purchase all MyThemeShop Plugins/Themes and have access to full support and themes/plugins for a lifetime. Remember, no matter your choice, so long as you purchased the theme via a link on this website, we will be happy to help you optimize it for maximum performance. All you need to do is contact us. If you’re looking for a more “colorful” option built for its viral factor then check out our MyThemeShop SociallyViral WordPress Theme Review.


This MyThemeShop Schema Review post contains affiliate links however, all thoughts, opinions found within are our own. We have used and tested this theme on our website for several days before writing. As such, you can rest assured that this is not a sponsored post and we’re only trying to help you get the best of the best when setting up your WordPress site (of course, we too have to pay for hosting and the likes) Thanks for your continued support. Images/Sourced via: Pinstagram Official Sales Page.


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