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The schema theme is one of the fastest SEO WordPress themes on the market. It is a template that we used and tested on this website for a bit. After a few requests to make a review on the benefits of using Schema vs. Genesis themes, we decided to do a Schema review. We do not use Genesis themes and never will.

MyThemeShop assert that Schema is the fastest loading, ultra-SEO optimized WordPress theme. Featuring all the best MyThemeShop features, including a custom options panel, all shortcodes and widgets, and a pixel perfect design.

Also, Schema includes rich snippets to help search engines index your site and rank your site higher. So,  stay with us as we go through all the things you need to know about MyThemeShop’s Schema Theme.


The team over at MyThemeShop built Schema with minimalism in mind. As you can see, by looking around the demo website, there are hardly any distractions, only related content. Users get what they came for, the content.

The Schema theme is responsive, which means that it fits/works perfectly on any screen size. Moreover, Schema theme supports two menus, the first menu (which is at the very top of the page, for desktop viewers) and a secondary menu (which is the menu that has the About Us and Contacts links above). See the demo site.

Designed with Mobile Users in Mind

Do you have lots of mobile visitors? Then, the menus collapse into one fluid menu accessible via a hamburger/stacked icon in the upper right-hand side on the mobile device’s screen.

Furthermore, while the sidebar can either be placed on the right or left side (for desktops), it appears below the post/page content on mobile devices such as smartphones (click to see the example). Once on the demo site, use the toolbar to change the screen size to see the changes.

As we know, Google takes mobile friendliness into consideration when ranking websites in their search results. Hence, this implementation is excellent on MyThemeShop’s part.

Related Posts Built-in

Schema supports its very own related posts box enabled via the control panel. So, instead of using Yet Another Plugin (you see what I did here, right?) to slow down your website, Schema has you covered. Furthermore, arrange related posts by tag or category.

However, if you so desire, you have the option of choosing to use a third-party plugin. Of course, you can disable the built-in related posts feature or use both together.


Additionally, there is a comments section below each article or page. This section appears after the similar content section. You may control the appearance of this part as well. By default, Schema features the built-in WordPress comments section.

However, you may use any custom comments plugins with the Schema theme. So, Facebook comments and Disqus fully integrate with the Schema theme.

All in all, the Schema Theme comes with unique blog layout specially optimized for a professional blog. Although, you can build a personal, vocational or corporate blog with this theme to engage visitors, increase conversions and more. Here are some more things you need to know about Schema’s overall design:

Engaging yet Simple Design

As said, MyThemeShop’s Schema Theme focuses on the content. A critical factor for any good authority website is the design.

A good design helps to engage readers and increase page views. The Schema theme is one of the best examples of this as it comes with a simple design that will contribute to keeping reader’s attention effortlessly.

The theme, optimized for high engagement rate and better readability, also offers spots to gain revenue via ads. The simple structure and navigational features help to engage your site’s visitors while still earning you income.

Optimized for Revenue

Are you a blogger or website owner? Then, the chances are that you want to monetize your blog/website and that you would want to ensure maximum conversions while maintaining excellent user experience.

For this to happen, you have to choose a design for your site that offers a balance between speed, advertising, and content.

The Schema Theme does a good job at maintaining this balance. The schema theme has a built in Ad System to help you earn more from your website. The template features optimal ad positions that do not get in the way of the content of your site.

You can quickly place ad on after post title, after content, header section, sidebar section or footer section on your blog using this theme. Moreover, if you need to, you may add additional ads using third-party plugins.

Integrated Review System

The Built-in review system of the Schema Theme makes it perfect to use for affiliate marketing. With the Schema theme, you can quickly build a product/service review based website or affiliate marketing blog.

Immediately post a service/product review on your blog and also let your readers share their reviews via the comments section.

The built-in review system also helps to rank content better in SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) easily and quickly (more on this later).


The schema template displays well-structured Posts/Articles. The images align correctly and scale to fit the design of any screen.

The headings, like the two H2 headings, stand out from bolded text and other content of the page. This differentiation gives the user a clear understanding of the article/post structure.

This feature is useful for search engines. It allows crawler bots to understand the structure of your content better and help with providing relevant results for searchers.

Works Well With Microsoft Word

The schema theme is also very proficient when it comes to integrating the structure of data input from outside sources such as Word, Excel and other online resources.

If you copy and paste a table into the WordPress editor, the theme automatically structures the output! Something that other WordPress themes do not do without user customization or via the help of extra WordPress plugins.


You can see just how structured posts are by looking at this post. You see that the images align well and the headings fit and display neatly.

One thing worth mentioning is that the theme does not show the featured images in posts. So, you would have to insert the picture manually if you want it to show in the post and not just on the homepage or category pages.

Alternatively, you can drop a message over at the forums (search first) and have the team and community help you get a snippet of code to get this feature.


However, on a more positive note, the Schema theme supports its very own lightbox feature. You can enable or disable the lightbox in the control panel.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Now for the most important part of the Schema theme, as the name suggests, Schema integrates flawlessly with Schema Rich Snippets.

Schema features proper structure in every way possible. However, for clarity sake, I will break it down for you. How does schema help your pages index faster and rank higher?

Schema’s markup lets search engines know that this entire website is a blog but, that is not all, it also tells the search engines which parts are most important and where to find these parts.

Let’s see (You can check out proof of this by seeing our very own structured data test @Schema Theme Structured Data Test (let us know if the link no longer works):

What do all those terms mean?

The data show that the Schema theme highlights all the parts of your site. The head section, i.e., the location of the theme’s header. Furthermore, the template clearly identifies the navigation/menu sections.

Additionally, the design points out the blog title and sub-title sections, and it also uses breadcrumbs which aid in navigation for both human visitors and bots. As of writing, Google displays breadcrumbs in their search results.

As mentioned, Schema highlights all title tags in articles or pages in the structured data. The theme ensures that search engines know and understand where the most important or main content is on the website.

Additionally, the template provides structured data for images attached to each post. This data further assists the search bots in indexing images. Moreover, the theme clearly highlights and differentiates between the sidebar section and the central section.

Lastly, the theme features markup for the footer section. And, there is data markup for reviews via third-party plugins or the MyThemeShop Review plugin.

HUH? Why are these factors important?

You might be wondering, why does structured data matter for search engine rankings? Why does MyThemeShop make sure that the Schema Theme has all the right markups?

Well, search engines and crawler bots are “smart, too.  However, the following information makes their job easier. To understand and rank websites they look for:

  • Quality Code
  • Easily Accessible Content
  • Fast Site Load Times
  • Google Algorithm Compatibility
  • SEO Best Practices
  • Clearly Identifiable/Structured Content and Media
  • Trust & Security
  • Built In Reviews/ Social Media Markup
  • Voting Functionality
How does Schema help?
  • Faster  Loads times = Higher Conversion = More Earnings
  • Schema has a stable and secure code = Higher Quality Score
  • More Pageviews = Visitors love your site
  • Improved User Experience (remember that your main aim is to provide information for your users)
  • Cross Browser & Device Compatibility = You do not miss out on any traffic
  • Increase in Social Media Shares – Social Media Signal/Social Proof

Schema Speed

Speed is crucial when it comes to developing any website. If your site is not fast, the then chances are that visitors will leave your site before it even loads.

Faster load times translate to higher conversions and happier visitors. The Schema Theme by MyThemeShop thrives on speed, although,  you can make the template super fast.

You can go ahead and run your page speed test on the demo page for the Schema WordPress Theme and see for yourself, although, you will not get the same results as pages personally customized by other webmasters because they have optimized them even further after the fact (or lack customization). Get All MyThemeShop Themes, Plugins & Lifetime Support here.

Review of Features

Of course in our Schema Theme Review, we must round up the features of the theme:

  • Widget supported footer columns
  • Related contents: for more page views
  • AD Manager: Display ads with article and sidebar
  • Earn more: by showing advertisement banners at various locations
  • Improve user experience with super fast page loading structure
  • Built-in review system powered by MyThemeShop
  • SEO friendly latest coding practices
  • Responsive for mobile and handy internet phones
  • Tools: Import, Export settings
  • Options panel: Control header, sidebars, Styling and various tabs
  • Google Rich Snippet support
  • Custom CSS box: Add CSS code to overwrite original code (Secure)
  • Infinite background patterns
  • 350+ Icons fonts to add anywhere on the blog (no image required)
  • Lifetime support + theme updates


MyThemeShop developed the Schema WordPress Theme with the intention to help writers/bloggers/website owners achieve a search engine optimized (SEO) setup. The benefits include quick page load times and a user-friendly design.

Are you looking for premium WP themes? Then, this is one of the templates that you buy without having to worry about performance and usability. The highly optimized theme is available for or a very low price of just $69.

Moreover, MyThemeShop offers many discounts throughout the year. Almost every single day! So, you might get the theme for much less than that price.

Final Words

Of course, the final choice is yours; you can check out other premium WordPress themes from MyThemeShop and choose the one that’s right for you. Alternatively, you can purchase all MyThemeShop Plugins/Themes and have access to full support and themes/plugins for a lifetime.

Remember, no matter your choice; we will help you optimize it for maximum performance. All you need to do is contact us.

Are you looking for a more “colorful” option built for its viral factor? Then, check out our MyThemeShop SociallyViral WordPress Theme Review.

SociallyViral vs. Scheme – Reader Question

Howard’s query: Sociallyviral has a subscription box. Is this a big deal for a beginner or no problem for schema with the email program one uses? Which of the 2 do you prefer? Also, another reviewer said schema looks ugly but otherwise terrific. What is your opinion?


Hi Howard,

SociallyViral does not feature a built-in subscription box. MyThemeShop offers that plugin in both pro and free versions. Hence, you may implement the same subscription box on Schema.

I’m not sure if it is a problem for a beginner, but I will say it can be useful if you’re looking to gather a large following for your website. Of course, this also depends on your audience and the popularity or virality of your site (no one will subscribe if they don’t think they will find useful, entertaining or other info on the site).

Furthermore, about Schema being “ugly,” this is not necessarily true. You may customize Schema to look almost the same as SociallyViral.


The differences I find are the Social Buttons. However, while SociallyViral has decorative share buttons, you may use third party ones that are just as good on Schema. Additionally, Schema has no “next -previous” function built-in. Socially Viral does. You can, however, opt to use a third party plugin for this feature on Schema.

Now, for your last query, I would say I prefer to use SociallyViral. Why? Because earlier, I used the next – previous function and the share buttons. The upside was that I could use these features without using third party plugins as some of these may slow down the website load time.

Other than that, there was no other reason for me to choose SociallyViral over Schema. As you can see, I’ve since stripped away all of those features and made the theme as minimal as possible. Almost like Schema, I would say.

Moreover, on a side note, the team over at MyThemeShop overs great support via their forum and are ready and willing to pass on snippets of CSS to get your theme to look and work the way you need it to work.

Thanks for your question Howard. I’d also like to add this comment and reply to the main post. If you have any other issue, please feel free to ask.


This MyThemeShop Schema Review post contains affiliate links. However, all thoughts, opinions found within are our own. We have used and tested this theme on our website for several days before writing.

This post is not a sponsored post. We only try to help you get the best of the best when setting up your WordPress site. Thanks for your continued support. Some info sourced via Schema Official Sales Page.


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