OxygenOS 2.1.2 for OnePlus X Update Rolling Out

OnePlus begins distributing the OxygenOS 2.1.2 for OnePlus X Update via OTA. The update promises to bring fixes and other improvements to the recently released OnePlus X. A few bugs have been removed, improved stability when downloading / installing updates OTA and there are system optimizations for battery performance improvements

Change Log

We have started pushing out the 2.1.2 update to OnePlus X devices. Again this will be an incremental roll-out so please be patient if you don’t get it right away. This OTA will include:

  • UX bug fixes in the Camera app
  • Improvement to color offset in HDR mode
  • Bug fixes to System Update to improve OTA stability
  • System optimizations in low battery state
  • General bug fixes and performance improvements

Furthermore, the camera app has a few much needed improvements , erasing a slew of errors, although the official change-log does not mention it. Likewise, there is an optimization with respect. Of colors (offset) in the camera’s HDR mode. That was it then again with the improvements in this update.

What’s Not Fixed?

The OnePlus team makes mention of known problems with the SD Card storage but, they say that:

Also, we’ve received feedback that some users have experienced issues with SD storage. Although the improvements are not included in this OTA, please be assured that we are expediting another update to fix those issues so you get a great experience on your new OPX.

Likewise, there is an optimization with respect to the camera’s HDR mode colors (offset). That’s about it with regard to the improvements in this update. Hopefully there will be more information on this soon.

When will I get the update?

The distribution of the new firmware has started today and will surely end up on your OnePlus X in the next few days. If you want to check now you can do so via Settings, About Device, Software Updates. Enjoy! If you can’t wait or if the update is taking to long then you can go ahead and install it manually using the instructions below.


  • OTA update — Link

Supported Devices

  • OnePlus X
  • Don’t try this on the OnePlus One or OnePlus 2!
  • Don’t try on any other device!

Install OnePlus XOxygen OS 2.1.2 Update

  • Download the OnePlus XOxygen OS 2.1.2 update file from above.
  • Transfer the downloaded update file to your OnePlus X. Be sure to remember where you saved it.
  • Boot your OnePlus One into recovery mode: Follow the steps in 1 & 2 below:
  1. Power off your OnePlus X. Wait for 6-7 seconds until the screen turns off.
  2. Press and hold Power + down together until the screen turns back on.
  • Install the update. Use the instructions for your recovery.
  1. In 3e recovery, use volume buttons to navigate to ‘install update ..’ option and then press power button to select it.
  2. Now, select the update file that you transferred to the OnePlus X. Confirm your selection and the Oxygen OS 2.0.1 update will begin installing on your OnePlus X.
  • The device will revert to the recovery home screen after the installation completes.
  • Select ‘Reboot system now’ to restart your OnePlus X.

That’s all there is to installing the OxygenOS 2.1.2 for OnePlus X devices update. Via| OxygenOS 2.1.2 will start roll-out to OnePlus X today. Thanks for reading!

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