Nexus 6 Charging Slowly? Here’s How To Fix It!

Is your Nexus 6 charging slowly? The Google Nexus 6, co-manufactured alongside Motorola is an excellent device. However, some Nexus 6 develop a slow charging problem. No one like a Nexus 6 that charges slowly! Thankfully, there are things that you can do to activate the Nexus 6 fast charging capabilities.

In this article, we focus on fixing a Nexus 6 not charging as quickly as it ought to. We discuss the potential problems that lead to a slow charging Nexus 6. Furthermore, we talk about the ways to fix the slow charge issue. Read through the article thoroughly!

What will you learn? You learn to troubleshoot charging problems on the Nexus 6. Also, you learn about innovative ways to fix this issue. We begin with a bit of information on charging the Nexus 6. Then, we continue with the possible causes and then move to the options. Let’s start!

Nexus 6 Charging Time

The Nexus 6 charge time is about 1 hour & 24 minutes. This charge time is via the Motorola Turbo ChargerOn regular chargers, the charge time is about  1hr 58 mins. By normal, I mean the Trent NT90C 2A charger. Read more about the test here. The first thing to remember is to opt to charge with the original charger.

Also, the Motorola Turbocharger charges the Nexus 6 at a faster rate when the device is below 78%. However, at 78% or higher, it charges at regular speed. For the most part, read more about this in the official Motorola Nexus 6 Charge Time Documentation.

Now, you have an idea of how long the Nexus 6 takes to charge. Is it that you try to charge your Nexus 6 when it is above 78%? No? In that case, continue to read about slow charging problems.

Things That Cause The Nexus 6 To Charge Slowly

Do you run several apps while charging the Nexus 6? Apps consume energy even when the Nexus 6 screen is off. From what power source do you charge the Nexus 6? Charging from a USB connected to one of your computers? A wall outlet offers more efficiency than a computer connection.

A clogged cache affects charging time as well. How often do you clear the cache on the Nexus 6? Do you use the manufacturer approved Nexus 6 charger? Furthermore, how often do you charge the Nexus 6? Three times a day? Four?

Generally speaking, all of the above affect how slowly or how quickly your Nexus 6 charges. Charging while in use slow the charge. Charging via a laptop also affects charge time. Furthermore, the cache and how often you charge the Nexus play a role in the charge speed. Let’s find out how to prevent a Nexus 6 from charging slowly!

Nexus 6 Fast Charging

Image that displays the Nexus 6 Fast Charging Notification. - Nexus 6 Charging Slowly Fixes.

Nexus 6 charging slowly? Try fast charging the Nexus 6!

Firstly, try to quick charge the Nexus 6. Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 allows for fast charging on Nexus 6 smartphones. Fast charging boosts your battery life in mere minutes. Of course, you need a compatible charger to do so. Luckily, the Nexus 6 Motorola Turbo Charger supports fast charging.

As an illustration, check out the video below. You see just how long it takes to charge the battery from 0% to 50%. Done with conventional chargers (5 volts/1 amp and 5 volts/ 2 amps). And, just how much faster going from 0% to 50% with a Quick Charge 2.0 charger is.

In the final analysis, the Nexus 6 charged much quicker via quick charge. You can read about Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 here. Moreover, you can find quick charge compatible chargers for the Nexus 6 here. If quick charge fails, try Nexus 6 inductive charging or Nexus 6 Qi charging. 

Nexus 6 QI Charging

Qi charging or inductive charging is a fancy way of saying wireless charging. The Nexus 6 wireless charging capabilities function with the aid of a charging pad. This is to say, to wirelessly charge your Nexus 6, you need a Nexus 6 charging pad.

Wirelessly charging your Nexus 6  may improve the charge time & charge speed of your Nexus 6. However, it’s not as fast as the Nexus 6 fast charging. If your Nexus 6 charges slowly, a wireless charging pad may provide you with a solution.

Video: Nexus 6 Inductive Charging

You can purchase the wireless charger in the video here. Furthermore, you can choose from these Nexus 6 wireless chargers. Not interested in wireless charging? No worries, read on for more tips/solutions! Next, we talk about things to check before you try any of the above.

Nexus 6 Charging Slowly? Check the Charging Apparatus!

First, check that the Nexus 6 USB cable and charger work correctly. Secondly, test the Nexus 6 charger brick. How can I check these? Try charging another device with the USB cable. Does it charge quickly? Then, more than likely, the USB cable is ok.

How about the charger brick? Does it charge other devices quickly when connected to a different USB cord? If yes, then both of these components are ok. If neither or one of the two seem problematic, then it is best to replace the defective part. Try a different Nexus 6 charger altogether.

Furthermore, if QI charging works, but charging via USB & brick fails, the chances are that your USB port is defective. Purchase a new charging port (USB port) and have a tech replace the defective part. All things considered, there are a few more tips for you to try.

Charing Slowly Nexus 6 Tips Cont.

Have you tried cleaning the charging port on the Nexus 6? Take a toothpick or needle and clean the inside of the dock. Also, a can of compressed air does the trick. Furthermore, you can blow into the port to clear dust & junk. Do not spit into the dock!

Try to factory reset. There exists the possibility of a software bug. Have you upgraded your version of Android? Try performing a factory reset to erase software bugs. A factory reset restores the default settings. It won’t downgrade your version of Android.

Try installing the correct Nexus 6 USB drivers and then charging via a computer. With the Nexus 6 connected to a wall charger, go to Setting -> Battery. Does it say charging over AC or charging over USB? It ought to say charging over AC. If not, then the micro USB port c is faulty. Replace it as per above.


Hopefully, the tips & solutions above fix the Nexus 6 slow charging problem. Is the Nexus 6 charging slowly even after trying everything above? Then, perhaps it is time for a replacement phone. There are affordable Nexus 6 smartphones on Amazon. Or, you can opt to purchase a different smartphone.

In any event, you can leave us a comment below. Please explain your problem in detail for us to best advise you. We respond to all submissions as quickly as they come in. Unfortunately, we can’t fix your Nexus 6 for you from behind a computer screen. We can only offer tips, tricks or advice.

Thanks for reading, how to solve Nexus 6 slow charging issues here on OrDuh! You can check out other guides or smartphone guides for further knowledge. Don’t forget to share our posts on Social Media so that others get useful information as well! Enjoy!

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