Install Xposed on Samsung Galaxy S6 Running Android 6.0 Marshmallow

How to Install Xposed on Samsung Galaxy S6 Running Android 6.0 Marshmallow? The Xposed module is a tool used by advanced Android users. If you lost the functionality of the Galaxy S6 Xposed module during the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update, then you’re in luck. There exists a new, albeit unofficial, build of the Xposed module. This new build works with the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge and the Samsung Galaxy S5 running Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Installing Xposed on the Galaxy S6 is easy however, you need to take your time and follow the steps in the tutorial carefully if you want to achieve success.

Things You’ll Need


You warranty may be void if you follow the procedures outlined in this tutorial. You are responsible for respecting your smartphones’ terms and conditions. This method trips KNOX, meaning that the KNOX stops working on your device, and thus you won’t be able to  use Samsung Pay, or install enterprise applications on your device. It is always wise to back up your Galaxy S6 before proceeding with any tutorial.


  • Be sure that your Galaxy S6 is running the Android 6.0 marshmallow update.
  • By now, you should have or are about to download all the files listed in the”things you’ll need section”
  • Ensure that you have the latest Samsung Galaxy S6 drivers installed!
  • Extract the contents of the Odin archive to your desktop.
  • Transfer the Xposed patch, Xposed App APK and uninstaller file to your Galaxy S6. You can do this via Bluetooth or by connecting to your PC. Be sure to disconnect after the transfer is complete.

Enable OEM unlock on Samsung Galaxy S6.

  1. Go to Settings > About device. And then tap on build no. 7 times or until your get the message ‘You’re now a developer’.
  2. Go back to Settings, scroll down, and tap on ‘Developer options’.
  3. Look for ‘Enable OEM unlock’ and use its toggle to enable it. Accept the warning by tapping on the OK button.

Note: Please disable the “Find My Mobile” option in the Lock screen and security settings as this may interfere with the installation process. And, if you don’t find these options on your Galaxy S6, then proceed as per normal.

Boot Galaxy S6 into Download Mode

  1. Power off your Galaxy S6. Wait 6-7 seconds after screen goes dark.
  2. Press and hold the Power + Home + Volume down buttons together until you see warning screen.
  3. Press Volume Up to continue to download mode.

Getting Started with Odin

  • Double click on the extracted Odin file, it would be the odin .exe, to open the Odin interface.
  • Connect your Galaxy S6 to the PC using a USB cable (preferably the one it came with)
  • Once Odin recognizes your Galaxy S6, you see Added! appear in the log box in the bottom left corner of the interface and, under the first box ID:COM, a number appears. The background of this ID:COM box turns blue as well.

If Odin does not recognize yur device and no Added! message appears then you need to reinstall the Galaxy S6 drivers from the steps above.

Loading the oldsboot.tar into Odin

  • Click the AP button found on the Odin interface and select the oldsboot.tar file downloaded from the steps above.
  • Make sure Re-partition and Auto Reboot check boxes are NOT selected under the Options tab. And be sure that you are not using the PIT tab either.

Note: Normally, the auto reboot is left checked but, because we don’t want the device to restart automatically after flashing the old boot kernel, we have to leave it unchecked.

  • Click the Start button on Odin now to start flashing the old boot kernel on your Galaxy S6. Wait till the installation is finished, and you’ll get a PASS message.
  • If Odin sticks at setup connection, then you need to do the steps all over again. Disconnect your S6, close Odin, boot device into download mode again, open Odin, and then select the file and flash it again following the steps above.
  • If you get FAIL in the top left box, then do the steps all over again.

Once you get the PASS message, disconnect the S6, and boot it into download mode again (even if it is already in download mode).

Loading the recovery file into Odin

  • With the Galaxy S6 in download mode, install the recovery file the same way you installed the old boot file. Keep Auto Reboot and Re-Partition unchecked just as you did above.

You should get a PASS message just like before. Once you get it, disconnect the S6 from your computer and reboot your Galaxy S6 in recovery mode.  You will see TWRP recovery.

Using TWRP Recovery to Install Xposed on Galaxy S6

Once in the TWRP recovery environment, use the install menu to install the Galaxy S6 Xposed Patch. 

Tap the install setting, then select the Xposed Patch file, perform the swipe action at the bottom to run the installation. Please do not reboot the device as yet.

Go to the TWRP main menu by pressing the Home button in bottom left, and then tap on reboot, and then on bootloader, to reboot into download mode easily. You can also do this manually.

Now, install the newsboot file the same way you installed the oldsboot file above, but keep the Auto Reboot checked this time around. Keep only Re-Partition unchecked.

The device will reboot automatically after installing the new boot image file. When it does, simply use a File Manager app to browse to Xposed App APK file, and then tap on it to install it. Once done, open the Xposed app in the app drawer to use the Xposed modules on your Android 6.0 Marshmallow Samsung Galaxy S6! That’s it! You have successfully learned How to Install Xposed on Samsung Galaxy S6 Running Android 6.0 Marshmallow!

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