How To Turn Samsung Galaxy S10e On and Off

The Samsung S10e is a more affordable and compact version of the new S10. When purchasing the S10e Turning it on and off is the best way to see if it is in working condition. There is much time where you’ll need to be able to turn on and off your S10e for example if you need to back up the data the phone may need to be rebooted. It’s very easy to turn your phone on and off but for some new users we’ve come up with a step by step guide on How to Turn Samsung Galaxy S10e On and Off.

Turning  Samsung Galaxy S10e On and Off

  • To turn your S10e on and off following the instructions below.
  • press and hold down the power button located at the side of the device to power it on.
  • The device will boot up and reach the home page, now its ready to use.
  •  To power the device off once again press and hold down the power button.
  • The power off icon will show on the screen click on it.
  • To confirm the action click power off.
  • It may take a few seconds for the phone to power off.

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