How To Insert And Remove SIM And MicroSD Cards Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

The new Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus uses a Nano sim card. As this sim card is small hence the name it shares a tray with the MicroSD card. This means that when you need to review your sim card your SD card will also pop out. The same will apply if you need to remove your SD card. Both cards can be inserted and removed while your phone is still on, however, it’s advised you power off the dive before continuing as data can be lost on both your SD card and sim card. Lets show you how to Insert and Remove SIM and microSD cards Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

In this post, we will be helping you insert and remove your Sd card and Nano sim into and out of your Samsung S10 Plus. In order to do so, you will need the help of your sim card reveal tool. This is a little pin that will need to be inserted into the pinhole at the side of the tray.

Inserting and Removing SIM and SD Cards

  • At the top of your phone, you’ll find the Simcard/ SD card slot with a little pin hole to the side
  • Turn your device off and press your sim card removal tool through the pinhole until the tray releases
  • Insert the sim card SD card into the tray with the gold contacts facing towards the back of the phone
  • Insert the sim card and Sd card back into the tray slot and click it back in.
  • You’re all set to go now. Firstly turn your phone on and wait for it to connect to your mobile network. If it’s the first time you’re inserting your SD card your phone may prompt you to format a new device

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