How To Turn on Airplane Mode on Galaxy S10

Airoplane mode is also known as flight mode. This feature is active on many phones one of which the Galaxy S10. Airplane mode deactivates network services like texting, voice calls, mobile data, Bluetooth and wifi. Many airlines prohibit the use or radio devices on their aircraft as they interfere with the flight systems, hence the name ‘Flight Mode.’ It doesn’t necessarily mean you can only use airplane mode when you’re on a flight it actually saves significant battery life when enabled. The radio and network of your phone are constantly draining your battery as its constantly scanning for networks. Let’s show you how to turn on airplane mode on Galaxy S10 below.

Turning on Airplane mode on Galaxy S10

There are two ways to turn on aeroplane mode on your S10 below are the two methods.

  • Turn on Airplane Mode on Galaxy S10 via Settings
  • Go to your home screen, swipe up to your app menu. Locate the settings app and open it.
  • Tap on connections.
  • Locate aeroplane mode and click on it.
  • Click on the aeroplane switch in the upper right of the app to turn on and off.

Turn on Airplane Mode on Galaxy S10 using Notification panel

  • From your home screen slide down from the top of the screen
  • On the notification, panel locate aeroplane mode ( it will be an airplane icon)
  • Once located click on it to turn on, the same will apply to turn it off
  • When airplane mode is active you’ll see an aeroplane icon next to your signal bar.

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