How To Transfer Files From Your Old Samsung To Galaxy S10

It may seem like you have a lot of files on your phone and afraid you may lose them by getting a new phone. It’s easy to move files between Samsungs especially with their smart switch app.  In this article, we will be showing you how to transfer files from your old Samsung to galaxy S10 using 3 easy methods. Its recommended that you didn’t use 3rd party apps to transfer as many of them can lose data and even out your device at risk.

Transferring files from your old Samsung to Galaxy S10

Below are the 3 methods to transfer your files from your old Samsung to your S10.

Method 1. Transferring your files from your sold Samsung to your S10 using a smart switch

  • Moving files from your old Samsung just got easy with the Samsung switch app. This app is developed by Samsung and is a stable way of moving content.  Moving files using the Samsung switch app is highly recommended as its easy to use. This is how to use it:
  • If your old phone is not a Samsung or is a Samsung Galaxy older than an S6 it’s more than likely Smart Switch is not installed on your phone. Firstly you’ll need to install it. You can easily download the smart switch from the play store. Samsung Galaxy versions from the S7 onwards come with the app preinstalled to allow smooth data transfers.
  • Open the Smart app on your new S10 click on wireless >Recieve and select your old phone.
  • Now go to your old device and open the smart app click on wireless >send >connect. As we’ve already set up the S10 it will connect automatically.
  • You can also connect to the S10 using the Pin code displayed on the screen in the app.
  • Once the connection is established and both devices are connected to each other you can start your data transfer. Select the data you would like to transfer from your old phone to your S10.
  • Now click the send button at the bottom of the screen
  • Wait until the transfer has finished click.
  • Click on finish and you’re done.

Method 2: Transferring  files from your old Samsung to Galaxy S10 Using NFC

  • If your old device is compatible with NFC you can transfer your data using this method. NFC allows you to transfer data wirelessly using electromagnetic induction and stands for Near Field Communication. Let’s show you how to transfer using this method below:
  • Click on settings tap more settings to locate NFC. This must be turned on for both devices.
  • Touch both devices back to back. This will connect them wirelessly. When you hear a notification sound or feel a slight vibration it means your phone is now connected via NFC.
  • NFC will only work if WIFI-direct is on. This is normally on as default but if your unsure go to settings to check.
  • There are many files you can share via NFC such as contacts, calendar, S Notes, Photos, DRM-free music, videos, and documents select the files you wish to transfer.
  • Once the files are selected click transfer and click confirm.
  • Wait for the transfer to complete and your all set.

Method 3: Transfer files from your old Samsung to Galaxy S10 using third-party apps

There are many third party apps you can download to move your data over to your new S10. This app may feel beneficial as they offer more features than the smart switch app but they can be risky to use. These apps may access content on your phone you may not want them to see or others to see. You can download these apps from the play store, however, we do not recommend them and it will be at your own risk if you wish to do so.

Your data is now transferred onto your Galaxy S10 check out how to keep it secure here 

Find out more about the smart switch app and how it works click here






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