Google Pixel 3 Update Removes “Charging Rapidly” While On W5 Wireless Chargers

Google recently sent out an update to the Pixel 3 that corrects the incorrect information on the lock screen which displayed slower wireless chargers as “Charging Rapidly.” The latest update fixes the wireless charging misinformation on the Google Pixel 3.

Both the Google Pixel and Pixel 3 XL support wireless charging. However, they only support speeds above 5W on approved chargers including Google’s own Pixel Stand. For the most part, both devices support speeds up to 10W. The error, due in part to how Android handles charging rates, caused the lock screen to show “charging rapidly” on any wireless charger.

The update comes as part of Google’s November Security Path. The fix is a welcomed one as misleading information can cause customer dissatisfaction. After all, having a slow 5W charger displayed as charging rapidly is downright misleading. It’s good that Google has addressed the issue.

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