Oneplus One Mic Issue Fix

Fix OnePlus One Mic issues using the instructions outlined in this short tutorial. If you have recently updated to the latest OS then this will help you fix the mic issue and if not, you can read more below to fix OnePlus One Mic issues on Oxygen OS devices.

Fix your Oneplus One Mic Issue

  1. First go to OnePlus One Phone Dialer and open settings. If you are using third party app then go to the app drawer and open the phone dialer from there.
  2. Now that the dialer is open tap on the 3 dots and select Settings.
  3. In the settings menu tap on other settings and Open TTY Mode.
  4. Disable the Open TTY Mode by tapping on TTY Off.

THat’s all there is to it. Your OnePlus One Mic should be working perfectly now. If you’re on Oxygen OS then follow the steps below.

Fix Oneplus One Mic Issue Oxygen OS

  1. Open the Dialer and the tap on 3 dots, select Settings.
  2. Now select Call Settings for the list.
  3. Tap on TTY Mode.
  4. Tap on TTY OFF.

Thanks for reading fix OnePlus One Mic issues. You can check out more tutorials, updates and news by browsing the website.


    • JeRick June 21, 2016

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