Fix “mobile network not available” Samsung Galaxy J7

How to fix “mobile network not available Samsung Galaxy J7”? This seems to be affecting some users of the Galaxy J7 and as such, I think it’s time that we address the mobile network connectivity issue. We’ve already looked at how to Fix: Samsung Galaxy J7 Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi and how to Fix: Samsung Galaxy J7 Battery Drain/Overheating. Now, here is what you can do if you have a problem like this one: My Samsung Galaxy J7, on dialing I receive the error “MOBILE NETWORK NOT AVAILABLE” and selected network unavailable on J7 The steps hereafter are your best shots at resolving the MOBILE NETWORK NOT AVAILABLE problem on most Samsung Galaxy J7 smartphones. So, let’s get started!

Poor Signal

The mobile network not available on the Samsung Galaxy J7 most likely stems from a bad signal/reception, your Samsung Galaxy coverage or your location.  This is a problem that seems to affect T-Mobile and Verizon wireless Samsung Galaxy J7 mobile devices. My first suggestion would be to try to move around a bit and see if you get a better signal and connect. If not, then I suggest you move on with the tutorial.


You’re going to need to ensure that you’ve not accidentally enabled Roaming on the Galaxy J7. In order to check if your Galaxy J7 is roaming, do the following:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap Mobile networks
  • Tap Data Roaming

Airplane Mode

The next thing that you need to check is the Samsung Galaxy J7 Airplane Mode feature. Sometimes, enabling and disabling airplane mode can resolve the issue. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select More settings
  • Check/Uncheck Flight mode/Airplane mode

If none of these methods work, then don’t worry, we have some more tips for How To Fix Samsung Galaxy J7 “MOBILE NETWORK NOT AVAILABLE”.  So, let us get into it! In order to resolve the mobile network not available on the Samsung Galaxy J7, try these next tips:

Mobile Network Settings

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Then Wireless and Networks
  • Now, select Mobile networks
  • Followed by Network operators
  • Tap Select automatically.

This is known to be a quick fix for the issue. If the error message “mobile network not available” persists, then move to the next tip to help resolve the issue.

Configure Signal

  • Dial *#*#4636#*#* on your J7’s   dialer
  • You will get a prompt with a testing menu
  • Click phone/device information
  • Then run a ping test
  • From the drop down list select: GSM Auto (PRL)
  • Click Turn off Radio
  • Restart

What this does is reset your signal settings. That is, if there is a problem with the radio signal not being broadcast correctly. This is the last thing that I can think of but if all of the above fail then here are your last resort options.

Update your Firmware

This is a simple way that fixed the mobile network not available on Samsung Galaxy J7 for most people. To do this, simply navigate to Settings >About device >Software update >Check for update.

Factory Reset

You can also try a factory as the final option when trying to fix he mobile network connection on your Samsung Galaxy J7. To do this, Go to Settings >Backup and Reset >Factory Data reset

These are all the ways to fix MOBILE NETWORK NOT AVAILABLE on Samsung Galaxy J7 device. Thanks for reading and I hope that one of these methods has helped you. 


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