SONY XPERIA SP RECOVERY MODE: Wondering how to boot the Sony Xperia SP into recovery mode? The Xperia SP recovery is a separate bootable partition on the Android device that you use to install system updates and repair (factory reset Xperia SP) your device. When you factory reset Sony Xperia SP devices via settings or install an OTA update, your Xperia SP reboots and boots into the stock recovery to finish the job. In order to use the recovery environment your Xperia SP buttons need to be working. More so the Power and Volume buttons. These are the buttons used to browse the different options in the Xperia SP recovery mode. There are varying methods that you can use to boot an Xperia SP in recovery mode. The most used method is perhaps the hardware method which involves pressing  particular hardware buttons a couple of times while booting up the Xperia SP. However, there are other methods that you can use. Some are software based and you can learn about them below. Let’s learn about them!

Things You Should Know

There are some Sony Xperia devices that don’t ship with a pre-installed recovery. So, unless you’ve installed a custom recovery, like CWM or TWRP on your device, you won’t be able to boot into recovery mode. These methods work with the Xperia SP: HSPA C5302, LTE C5303, LTE C5306.


This is the easiest, fastest method to boot any Sony Xperia SC smartphone into recovery mode. As mentioned above, this method requires your hardware keys to work properly. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Turn off the Xperia SP
  • Turn it back on and  when you see the Xperia SP’s LED notification light turn Pink! (or the color that it normally uses) — start pressing either the Volume UP or Volume Down key several times to boot the Xperia SP recovery mode partition.
  • Once you’re in recovery mode. Use the Volume buttons to navigate (Up and Down) between options and the Power button to select an option in recovery.


ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge, a tool used to send terminal commands to a Android devices via a PC command line. ADB requires a bit of setup, but it gets the job done.  If your hardware buttons aren’t working then, this is a good alternative to boot into recovery mode.




  • Click here to download and install the Android SDK Tools from Google’s developer site. There are choices for Windows, Mac, and Linux. These instructions are for Windows machines.
  • When asked what directory to install the software to, we recommend that you set it to C:android-sdk. If you choose a different location, just make sure you remember it.
  • Once the Android SDK Tools are installed, launch it from the Start Menu.
  • The SDK Manager will open. Just uncheck everything except Android SDK Platform-tools and Google USB Driver. Android SDK Platform-tools is at the top and Google USB Driver is toward the bottom.
  • Click on Install 2 packages at the bottom right.
  • Check Accept license and click Install.
  • Extract the file (ADB you downloaded from the link above to a separate folder on your computer
  • Prepare your phone

Prepare Xperia SP

  • Enable developer options: Go to your phone’s Settings » select About phone » Scroll to the bottom and tap on “Build number” seven times to enable developer options
  • Enable USB Debugging: Open phone’s Settings » select Developer options » Tick the “USB debugging” check box (under Debugging section)
  • Connect your phone to PC with a USB cable and if/when a pop-up screen shows up on Phone asking you to ‘Allow USB debugging?‘ for the computer, make sure you tick the checkbox and tap OK


  • Run the ‘Boot into Recovery Mode’ command: adb reboot recovery

Quick Boot (Reboot) APP

There’s an app for rebooting your Sony Xperia SP into recovery mode, and it’s the easiest of the methods discussed above. But it won’t work unless you’ve root access on your device, and since not everyone roots their device, we’ve put this as the last option.


  • Install the Quick Boot (Reboot) app from Play Store on your Xperia SP  |  Play store link →
  • Open the app and grant Root Access
  • Select Recovery from the list of options and it’ll boot your device into recovery mode

Thanks for reading: SONY XPERIA SP RECOVERY MODE,  a brief tutorial. If you know of any other methods on how to boot the Sony Xperia SP into recovery mode, or if you need any help, let us know!

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