Varus Counters: How To Counter Pick Varus

Varus is an ADC champion that has a long poke range due to his Q. His kit revolves around dealing on-hit damage and slowing/rooting his enemies. In this article, we explain how to effectively counter Varus.

Best Varus Counters

  • Graves
  • Lucian
  • Sivir
  • Tristana
  • Leona
  • Blitzcrank
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Dark Star Varus

Varus Counter Picks

Now that you know who counters Varus, you can finally counter pick Varus in any matchup. Let’s take you through some tips on how to use a few of these champions who are counters to Varus. After, there is a general section explaining how to use any LoL champion as counters for Varus. After all, if you know how to play against Varus, you can play safely and effectively to defeat Varus in a lane.


Use Graves’ W when Varus is charging his Q. He has mostly skill shots so you can dash out of them.


Use Sivir’s spell shield to block Varus’ ultimate and Piercing Arrow. Use your Q to harass him.


In the early game phase Tristana’s ambush potential overhangs Varus’ burst potential, so maximize your opportunities to flank Varus and separate him from his team.


  • Since Leona’s passive shield blocks both magic and physical damage, forcing Varus to focus Leona will always result in a net loss for him in a trade.
  • Once Leona lands one of her stuns/slows, both the ADC and Leona can all in on Varus and take him out easily.
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Blight Crystal Varus

Tips For Playing Against Varus

  • Varus does not have any escape abilities. Try to focus him in team fights.
  • Move away from a target hit by Varus’s ultimate, as it will chain onto you if you don’t move far enough from the initial location.
  • Dodge his Piercing Arrow at any cost when he has stacked 3 blight on you, as it will do an incredibly high damage. Decreasing his attack speed makes it harder for him to get the 3 stacks.
  • His E (hail of arrows) slows down movement speed and health regen, stay out of this no matter what if you are heavy on health regen/ combined with his ult you will be down for damage.
  • Avoid being caught by Chain of Corruption. Fanning out from a caught ally in team fights will break the tether and minimize the disruption it causes to you.
  • When Varus begins to charge Piercing Arrow, he will slow down and draw his bow back. He cannot perform any other action while in this stance and his movement speed is reduced, so take advantage of this time to juke the shot or close the distance on him.
  • Varus lacks the mobility that many other AD carries possess, which means he is more vulnerable than most to errant crowd controls and gank attempts, and also means he has trouble fleeing from diving champions in teamfights. A single root can be a death sentence for him.
    • Much like the case of Jinx who also lacks mobility but compensates with very high steroids and nukes Varus benefits from one of the highest burst among all marksmen and extremely long range damage. As his burst depends on skillshots keeping yourself constantly on the move will keep you safer.
  • Varus‘ lack of mobility mechanics also means he can have difficulty avoiding skillshots. Being a skillshot-based champion himself, he also has difficulty with mobile champions like EzrealVayne, or Graves as they all have the means to dodge his spells.
  • Once Varus has used Piercing Arrow and Hail of Arrows, he will be unable to detonate Blighted Quiver stacks for several seconds. It may be a good idea to engage him after you see him use those two abilities.
  • Being hit by Hail of Arrows reduces your champion’s healing and regeneration, so save any healing abilities until you have exited the desecrated zone.
  • Although Chain of Corruption can be very disruptive to many champions, neither it nor any of Varus’ other abilities will interrupt channels. Champions with powerful channeled abilities such as Fiddlesticks and Nunu can freely cast their abilities without fear of having their channels discontinued.
  • Varus’ Hail of Arrows only deals damage once on impact. When fighting Varus 1v1, don’t be afraid of standing inside the Desecrated Ground unless the reduced healing/movement speed will significantly hurt your capabilities.
  • Watch out for Piercing Arrow when Varus fully charges it, especially if you have several stacks of Blighted Quiver, as you will receive formidable damage.
  • Varus becomes more dangerous after he has scored a kill. If time and positioning permits, it is wise to let his passive attack speed bonus wear off before reengaging on him.
    • During the laning phase, wait for his bonus attack speed from killing a minion to wear off before committing to a skirmish with him. Doing so while his bow glows RED can be a dangerous maneuver, as in tandem with Blighted QuiverVarus can quickly out-trade most other autoattacking champions.
    • In teamfights, it is easy for Varus to obtain a great attack speed bonus for scoring a kill or assist, signified by his bow glowing a light SILVER-PURPLE. As a teamfight often does not allow a team to quickly disengage to let this bonus wear off, it strongly encourages good positioning and teamwork to avoid any deaths letting Varus snowball his advantage.
  • If Varus builds ability power, he suffers under an extremely weak early game as he has no real damaging ability besides Blighted Quiver‘s passive. As the game proceeds, however, he will slowly but surely become very dangerous since Blighted Quiver belongs to the strongest sources of % health-damage in League of Legends. It is highly advised to take him down immediately after a teamfight starts.
    • This is even more important when he possesses a Runaan’s Hurricane, as he can continually stack Blighted Quiver onto your whole team and trigger it with Chain of Corruption or just his basic spells, dealing high percentage numbers of everyone’s maximum health as magic damage. However, he has to stay in attack range to do this, which makes him an easy target for burst spells.
    • In a lategame 1v1, avoid his Chain of Corruption under all costs. The spell has a 1:1 AP-scaling and applys 3 stacks of Blighted Quiver during the root. Squishy characters are very likely to be one-shot just by the ult damage and the triggered Blight stacks.
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Arctic Ops Varus

By using the champions who counter Varus and the LoL Varus counter tips above, you can now develop a strategy to help you, as a summoner, become an effective counter to Varus players.

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