Thresh Counters: How To Counter Pick Thresh

Thresh is a ranged support champion that can also double as an ADC. As support, he can be very tanky. In this article, we go through how to effectively counter Thresh on Summoner’s Rift.

Best Thresh Counters

  • Lulu
  • Morgana
  • Alistar
  • Lucian
  • Janna
  • Zyra
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Blood Moon Thresh

Thresh Counter Picks

Now that you know who counters Thresh, you can finally counter pick Thresh in any matchup. Let’s take you through some tips on how to use a few of these champions who are counters to Thresh. After, there is a general section explaining how to use any LoL champion as counters for Thresh. After all, if you know how to play against Thresh, you can play safely and effectively to defeat Thresh in a lane.


Use your shield as you see the hook approach. No stuns, but Thresh can still leap as long as the hook remains. However he can’t Flay if the shield is up. Poke him down and be sure to use your Q+W combo to poke him and his ADC down.


When your carry gets hooked, Pix them and Whimsy the enemy carry. Your carry takes no damage and his carry does no damage, making it a pointless engage. You can then take advantage of the situation and throw out a Q and get a lot harass on them.


Destroy Thresh’s ult with Janna’s ult. You will push him far away with his cage. You can do the same with your Q.


If he hooks your carry, throw a heal onto them. It’ll bounce off and also do damage to Thresh. If possible, bubble the enemy ADC and chances are you could actually win that trade easily. It won’t hurt to throw your E onto your ADC as well.

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Dark Star Thresh

Tips For Playing Against Thresh

  • Disable (silence/stun/knock-up) or standing on the lantern will prevent the enemy from clicking on the lantern.
  • A tank should try to break the box so that his allies can leave the box without being slowed.
  • All of Thresh’s abilities have a long cooldown. Try to take advantage of the situation if he misses a couple abilities.
  • Thresh is very susceptible to poke while his Death Sentence(Q) is down.
  • Try to poke him as he is about to collect soul. Souls give him defenses in the late game.
  • Thresh is great at chasing when there are no minions to block his hook. If you are running from Thresh, try to anticipate where he will hook and dodge when he does. If he misses his hook the chase if over.
  • Since Thresh receives a lot of his power through Damnation, zoning him out from collecting souls is especially effective. Take into account your own minions’ positions as these are where souls may spawn.
    • Thresh will commonly use Dark Passage to collect souls. It can be a good idea to wait until Dark Passage goes on cooldown before going on the offensive.
    • Remember that every death leaves Thresh with downtime where he can’t collect souls. His passive can be his downfall if successfully utilized against him.
  • Thresh has high offensive capabilities, but only in a relatively close range.
  • Thresh’s Death Sentence is his main initiation ability, and much like playing against other aggressive supports, avoiding it will limit his ability to get on top of you and unload his combo.
    • Using allied minions to shield yourself can be effective, but note that Thresh may still choose to pull himself anyway to get in range for his other spells.
  • Thresh is not very durable early on, and harassing him will make it risky for him to use his spells effectively. Use these opportunities and his high cooldowns early on to force fights.
  • Be aware that Dark Passage can be used to quickly bring one of Thresh‘s allies into a fight. Try to gain vision of areas behind Thresh from where his reinforcements could approach.
  • Dark Passage, when used to help his allies escape, can be halted or prevented by placing obstacles (such as wards or pets) or moving onto the lantern and blocking it with your own hitbox.
  • You can Cleanse Death Sentence‘s stun, and break the chain to prevent Thresh from Death Leaping into your team by using Mikael’s Crucible on a hooked ally. It can also be self-cast.
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Deep Terror Thresh

By using the champions who counter Thresh and the LoL Thresh counter tips above, you can now develop a strategy to help you, as a summoner, become an effective counter to Thresh players.

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