Fix has stopped working has stopped working  or “Android, unfortunately, the process has stopped.” error preventing you from using your Google Apps? The error occurs when there are issues with the Google Apps installation on your Android smartphone or tablet. This occurs on Huawei, Sony Xperia, HTC One’s and even Samsung smartphones. Luckily, there are simple things that you can do to resolve the google.process.gapps has stopped error.

How To Fix has stopped

The various ways to troubleshoot this particular error include: clearing the app data, disabling the download manager, resetting app preferences, restarting Google framework services, uninstalling and reinstalling the Google Play Services app. Learn how to perform each of these functions below.

Did you know? has stopped working is another common Android error. Have you encountered it? Read has stopped? Here’s how to fix it for more information.

Clear the specific app data

If this error, unfortunately the process has stopped,  only occurs when launching a particular Google App then all you need to do is clear the cache/data for that app to resolve the issue. To do this, open the Settings. From the setting interface locate “Application Manager” and tap on it. In the Application Manager, switch/swipe to the tab “All” and then search for “the app that causes the error”. Tap on it to open the app information. Now from here, do the following:

  1. Tap Force stop
  2. Now, Clear data
  3. And then, Clear cache

Disable Download Manager: has stopped solved

Another way to troubleshoot this error is by disabling the download manager application. This  tactic is best used when you have no idea which app is causing the has stopped error. It is also one of the few methods recommended by Samsung.

  • Access the settings app
  • Locate your applications manager
  • Next, find the Download Manager
  • Download Manager can also be found under the ALL tab of the Application manager page/screen
  • Disable the download manager app
  • Tap on Enable to enable Download Manager once more
  • Now, Download Manager is enabled (as Disable is already displayed on the screen)
  • Restart your device

Reset App Preferences

  • Here, you need to go to settings and then to applications manager.
  • Go to All Apps
  • Press the soft menu key or the on-screen menu key on your device
  • Select “reset app preferences”
  • Restart your device

Restart Google Framework Services

  • Here, you need to go to settings and then to applications manager.
  • Go to All Apps
  • Click on the Google framework services app
  • Click on app details
  • Tap on the option “force stop”.
  • Tap on the clear cache option.
  • Restart your device

Uninstall & Reinstall Google Play Services

  • Here, you need to go to settings and then to applications manager.
  • Go to All Apps
  • Click on the Google Play Services app
  • Open and uninstall Google Play Services. A warning sign will appear, click on ok and continue the un-installation process.
  • Reinstall Google Play Services via the Google Play Store
  • This should resolve the “ has stopped” error.

Clear Google Play Cache

  • Here, you need to go to settings and then to applications manager.
  • Go to All Apps
  • Click on the Google Play Store app
  • Click on app details
  • Clear the Cache/Clear Data
  • Restart your device.

Video: how to fix unfortunately the process has stopped

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If the issue is still not resolved after performing the above-given steps, you may try to fix this by any of the following:

Option 1: Follow this path: Tap Apps > Settings > Application manager > Menu key > Reset app preferences.

Option 2: Clear the App cache. (Go to Settings > Application manager > select the App > “Force stop” or “Clear Cache”)

  • Also, clear the cache of the Google apps like “Google Services” and “Google Framework” on your device.

Option 3:  Uninstall the app that causes the error.

Option 4: You may reinstall the Google Play Store on the device.

These are all the has stopped working fixes & solutions. If you have any questions or suggestions then please leave us a comment below and we;d be happy to get back to you. Also, share this post with your friends so that they too can troubleshoot unfortunately has stopped working errors.

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