Chrome 71 To Block Even More Ads In A Bid To Improve User Experience

Early this year, Google added changes to Chrome that help shield users from bad ad experiences online. Today, the company announced that they will take things further in Chrome 71 in order to further improve user’s online browsing experience.

The new update to the “Abusive Experiences” mission will come in the Chrome 71 update this coming December. Google says that they will fully remove ads on a small number of sites that show “persistent abusive experiences”.

Sites that not only promoted up pop-ups and redirects but sites that try to trick users into clicking on links, like system warnings or “close” buttons that don’t actually do those things are the most likely to feel the brunt of the new update.

Stronger protections ensure users can interact with their intended content on the web, without abusive experiences getting in the way.

Vivek Sekhar, Product Manager– Chromium Blog

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