Best Free Alternatives To LogMeIn To Try

LogMeIn’s remote access service is no longer free but there are free alternatives to LogMeIn that do the same thing. There are cheap LogMeIn alternatives available for every platform such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and even browser-based options. Here are the best free LogMeIn alternatives.

CloudBerry Remote Assistant

CloudBerry Remote Assistant is a software like LogMeIn but free. Set up is easy and you can use CloudBerry software for Windows remote desktop assistance as a free tool for text and voice communication over the Internet

Whether your internet is slow or super fast, CloudBerry just works. It even supports advanced level SSL encryption. 


TeamViewer is a great remote-control software that’s free to use (personal use). It’s one of those LogMeIn free alternative programs that lets you control another PC with your PC via an internet connection.

What I like about TeamViewer is that it also works with Android, iPhone, iPad, and MacOS. And, it’s also faster and easier to use than LogMeIn.

Another thing I like about it is that it supports copying files and folders between the remote PC and a local device.

Supremo Remote Desktop Assistant

This LogMeIn alternative is free for personal use. Supremo Remote Desktop Assistant works on iOS, Android, and Windows PC.

 I like that it’s a lightweight program. Hence, it doesn’t take up a lot of space on your device. Nor does it use a lot of your CPU/RAM.

You can make multiple connections on the same computer without the need to configure your router. And, it supports 256-bit AES encryption.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is a Google Chrome extension. So, it’s cross-platform and works on Chromebook as well. While you can control any computer with the plugin, they both must use the Google Chrome browser.

Other than that, it’s really easy to use and works without problems. Again, please note that there is no software to install (only works via Chrome browser).

Windows Remote Desktop Connection

Windows Remote Desktop Connection works on Windows 10 and other versions of Windows. However, it does not support Windows 10 Home edition. You need Windows 10 Pro or similar for it to work.

There’s a mobile phone app which lets you control your computer with your smartphone. It’s really simple to use and has the basic features of a good free remote desktop client.

Splashtop Remote Desktop

Splashtop Remote Desktop lets you remotely control a PC or Mac from much any other device such as PCs and Macs and mobile devices as well. 

It’s free for personal use and has lots of extras beyond remote control, such as a whiteboard. Also, it encrypts your data with TLS and 256-bit AES. 

I like that it’s really secure because there’s device authentication, two-step verification, and multiple 2nd-level password options.

VNC Connect

VNC is another cross-platform product like LogMeIn. It works on P C, Mac, or Linux. Not only can you control any of these platforms with the app but you can also use an iOS or Android device to do the same.

The learning curve is high but once you learn it, you will love it. There’s also a paid version with more features. However, the free version gets the job done most of the times.

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