Apple May Launch a Foldable iPad

The Galaxy Fold has been the talk of the Tech world, we’ve all heard about it. It already seems like Apple may launch a foldable iPad.

This Statement has come from an analyst Jeff Lin. According to Lin, the Apple device will work much like the iPad, but when unfolded to full will border an Apple Macbook. the foldable iPad will be using Apple’s next generation A chipset, giving the hardware the fastest speed we’ve ever seen.

Lin has indicated the device will launch in 2020. Just like previous device launch dates, Apple is careful with their devices, during the research and development process many ideas are rejected. If this is a true way to make an iPad more portable, than we may well see this device come to the market.

It would be great to see how Apple will blur the lines between the iPad and Macbook. If any of the above speculations are true the foldable iPad could be a complete replacement for your Macbook.

As great as the device sounds, one of the biggest factors will be the price of the device. A Galaxy fold can coast as much as $1,980, it’s hard to even imagine the price of the Apple device.

Want to know if Apple May Launch a foldable iPad anytime soon follow the link by CNN.

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