Login To Paperless Pay Talx Employee Portal

If you are a Talx employee wanting to see your payroll information in one place, head off to www.securitasepay.com.

This is Securitas’s payroll data bank only accessible by employees. Talx helps deal with many water utility companies and other big organisations. Employees tend to want to check that their payroll data is up to date and nothing is in debt or owed vice versa.

In order to Login To Paperless Pay Talx Employee Portal, you must be an employee of a listed organisation in Securities pay.  Existing employees will need their username, password and PIN to enter. Please contact your employer HR department to reset your credentials or to register as a new employee for new credentials.

This is a paperless pay employee portal accessible online only and completely paperless. Once your on the site, it will take you to: https://paperlesspay.talx.com/preauthenticated/enteremployercode.aspx


Login To Paperless Pay Talx Employee Portal


Securitas ePay via Online Portal

You can start using the Securitas ePay  service once you are successfully logged in with your personal credentials. Once logged in, you will be able to retrieve personal data with regards to your payroll. As such, you can also manage and execute payment transfer and access your personal information to check if there is any inaccuracies.

You can log in using your Social security number.

Securitas ePay login via social security number


Securitas Existing Employees

Always remember, security is always an important factor when making e-payments. In order to access the Securitas Epay portal, you must have a username, password and social security number.

Securitas New Employees

If you are a new employee and want to access your employee record to view your payroll data, personal information… You will need to register via the website. Then when you have your login details and employee code, enter is on the first page.

Securitas New Employees

Quick instructions on login into the SecuritasEpay Talx Employee portal

Head over to www.securitasepay.com.

Head over to www.securitasepay.com

Once you enter your social security number, click ‘Continue >’. You will now be required to enter representative ID information. and secret key which was generated when registration. Once all information has been entered, hit ‘Login’. If all credentials and information is accurate, you will be able to access your payroll data.

If you have logged in on a previous device with the current device you are trying to log in from now, you will be presented a small pop-up asking if you would like to remember this device.


It is quite self-explanatory from this stage onwards. Select yes If your device is your personal one and not yours.


Logged in?

Once you are logged into your login Securitas Talx Portal, you view your current or past pay stubs. Example of Paystub shown below.


Pay Stub survey

On the main menu, go to the W-4 Update sub-menu. This is where you can update your personal information, your email, username and password as well as security information. If you have forgotten your credentials or PIN, you can click the ‘Forgot password’ link. This will allow you to create a new pin after the forgot password process.


Talx Employee Portal

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