What is Raid: Shadow Legends?

MMOs are everywhere at the moment, and it can be easy to get confused with all the content that is released on a seemingly endless conveyor belt. While there are a fair few titles that slip under the radar, Raid: Shadow Legends is unlikely to be among them. In fact, this new installment from industry expert Plarium may just have raised the bar when it comes to making immersive mobile offerings to be played online. The game is an epic fantasy set in the sprawling landscape of Teleria, and is bursting with rich and interesting characters.

During the recent rise of MMOs for mobile, a lot of the biggest titles have been based on periods of history or successful movies. Titles like Sparta: War of Empires and Terminator Genisys: Future War are prime examples of games which have followed this model. But a lot of the most epic online multiplayer games ever made have existed in purely fictional universes. Games like The Elder Scrolls and Guild Wars are set in the made-up places of Tamriel and Tyria, respectively. These are two of the most successful game franchises ever made.

Perhaps Plarium was thinking about trying to emulate the success of the Bethesda Games and ArenaNet titles when they came up with the idea for Raid: Shadow Legends. This new offering from the world famous mobile developer is a fantasy set in the wholly fictional world of Teleria. The game is a turn-based battle MMORPG, and because it is so detailed and vast, there are various guides which give information on how to play the game properly.

The aim of Raid: Shadow Legends is to build up a clan of champions from various factions. Players choose who they want to enlist, upgrade them, and take them out to battle. There is also a heavy focus on cooperative play, as players are able to team up with other groups online. When battles take place, there is a turn meter involved. The player who goes first is chosen depending on which champion is the fastest. Although this gets a lot more complicated when other factors such as skills, buffs, and debuffs are taken into consideration. Each of these things can have an influence on who starts in a battle.

Throughout the game, players are faced with PvE and PvP battles, and need to refine their strategies to make sure they excel in any given situation. When putting an army together, it is important to think about each champion’s strengths and weaknesses, and work out which one is best to send in to any given battle. The game has a unique story mode, which can be an excellent way for players to get the hang of how everything works before getting involved with more intense matchups online.

Raid: Shadow Legends is up there with some of the most detailed and immersive MMOs on the market right now. There is varied gameplay, and a vast number of different possibilities when putting a team of champions together.

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