Traffic To Work? Traffic To Home? Find Out With Google On Your Phone

On my way to work, I always wonder, “what is the traffic like to work?” And, when it is time for me to head home, I ask “what is the traffic like to home?” Are you like me? Then, you can check what the traffic looks like to home or work any time using the Google app on your phone. Before we start, I advise you to set your home and workplace address in the Google app. Here’s how to do so.

Set Home & Workplace Address Google App

  • Open the “Google” app.
  • Tap the “Menu”  icon located at the upper-left corner.
  • Select “Customize.“
  • Choose the home icon, then type the address to your home. Tap “OK.”
  • Now, select the Briefcase icon, then type the address to your work. Tap “OK”.

By inputting the data, it facilitates easier access to traffic information and directions on Google Maps. Now, you only have to type home or work instead of the entire address. Convenient, right?

Check Traffic From Android Smartphone

  • Open the “Google Maps” app, and search for “Home” or “Work.”
  • Select the navigation arrow to go into navigation mode.
  • Enter a starting point (Home or Work).
  • While in navigation, select the “Menu” button at the upper-right corner, then choose “All traffic.”
  • Areas of the street will have a color to indicate the traffic level.
    • Green = Light traffic.
    • Orange = Moderate traffic.
    • Red = Congested

Now you can take the fastest route to work or your apartment. Furthermore, the app automatically chooses or informs of the fastest route available. Check out a short video below to see how it works. Additionally, check the second YouTube video for a more detailed explanation.

Google Maps is a handy tool for navigating your way around the world and getting to your destination as quickly as possible. One way it accomplishes this is by predicting traffic and calculating the fastest route. But how is Google able to accurately monitor all of these cars? Tech Insider explains and the answer may creep you out.

Check Traffic From Desktop

  • Open Google Maps.
  • In the “Search Google Maps” field, type “Work.” If no job location exists, you have to enter your work address.
  • In the “Search Google Maps” field, type “Home.” If no home location exists, you need to enter your home address.
  • To get traffic information on any map, select “Menu” > “Traffic.”

The same color codes used for the mobile version transfer to the desktop version as well. So, Green = Light traffic. Orange = Moderate traffic. And, finally, Red = Congested. Now you know how to get around traffic going home or skip traffic to work.

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