Top 5 common Android Problems and how to solve them

You may have the latest technology in the palm of your hand, but there is always the possibility of running into some trouble or problem with your device. This is where this article comes in to save the day.

Together with Checkman, one of the platforms for the trading, we have gathered information from across the internet to come up with 5 of the most common problems faced by android operating system users and even found simple solutions to fix these problems.

Battery drainage

Although technology is evolving rapidly, the battery lives of these devices seem to be stuck in the same place. While the phone models undergo many changes, the battery size does not change.


Many other reasons could be causing a low battery performance.

Take a look at some of the solutions below:

  • Turn down the screen brightness or set it to adaptive brightness, so your display doesn’t use up power.
  • Turn off the location when not needed or actively used.
  • Consider changing your display to Dark Theme.
  • Turn off Bluetooth, WiFi, or mobile data when you don’t need it.
  • Reset your “screen timeout” option to low, so your display goes off whenever you are not using the phone. 
  • Monitor your apps and restrict heavy battery usage from these apps, especially games.

Low storage

You might think of your phone as a digital store of memories like pictures, videos, and other documents. It can also be a place to collect music and songs, but there probably are some songs, pictures, documents, and videos you don’t need anymore, which might be taking up valuable space on your phone.

Perhaps you have some unnecessary or unused apps on the phone that also eat at your storage capacity. All these are why you might run low on memory and cause your phone to act up.


As mentioned, the first step should be to try and free up space on your phone so that you can make room for new files. Here are some ways you can clean out your storage:

  • Delete photos, videos, and files that are no longer helpful to you or upload them to Google Photos and Google Drive. You can even choose to transfer them to a hard drive for safekeeping.
  • Get rid of unwanted apps.
  • Restrict any background activity on your apps
  • Try to use the light version of your apps that does not take up so much space.
  • Delete call logs and messages
  • Clean your phone from cache memory. You can even download some apps that help you clear cache memory or any redundant files that are taking up space on your phone. The more you clean, the faster your system will run because of the free space.

Slow phone:

Almost everyone who has ever owned a phone probably experienced the dread of trying to use a phone that was too slow. It can end up freezing the phone or even crashing, which is another problem altogether. 

It is not surprising to know that the slow phone issue is typical of old phones, mainly caused by overuse of RAM. But it can also occur on newer devices. In most cases, a good clean-up should do the trick.


More often than not, cleaning and closing apps is a good start. If your phone is still acting up, you can try doing a factory reset. Ensure you have all your necessary apps and documents before a factory reset.

If none of the above is helping make any difference in your phone’s performance, you can try activating the Android system’s developer settings.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to About section on your settings
  • Look for Build number.
  • Click on it 7 times.
  • When the prompt appears, enter your code, pattern, pin or password.
  • Go back to the settings menu and find new Developer Options 
  • Keep scrolling till you find Drawing header.
  • Under this, there will be three other options. Change all three to “Animation off” from “Animation scale 1x.”

After this, test your phone by opening and closing apps. it should be much smoother now.

Application crashes:

It is a common problem that occurs for most android users. While this problem is not as complicated to fix as the previous one, it can be explicitly related to the app and its developer, for which you cannot do much. The developer has to fix the bugs for you to enjoy the app as intended.

On the other hand, if the app seems to work well on other people’s phones and is an issue only for your device, then it could be an operating system problem, or you need a simple solution like an update.


App crash instances, in most cases, are primarily due to bugs. It could also be because you haven’t updated your application. 

You can also try restarting your phone if the problem persists or even uninstalling the application and installing it again. Sometimes, it can help clean the app’s cache memory to work correctly.

Connectivity issues:

You could be enjoying your time surfing the internet when you are suddenly facing connectivity issues. This is a fairly common situation for most android users. 

This includes losing connection with WiFi, phone network, or even Bluetooth. But fear not because there are many solutions to this issue, some of which have proven to work 100% while others might not.


The first thing that most people might already know is to turn on airplane mode, wait for a few seconds and turn it off. Usually, the problem gets fixed after this step. However, if you still have some issues, you can repeat the process until you have a stable connection.

In the end, if your internet is the problem. It could be a problem with your service provider so make sure you call them to clarify if their services are down.

Here are some more possible solutions:

  • Ensure the power saving mode is turned off 
  • Forget the WiFi network and connect again
  • Turn off the router and turn it back on after a few seconds
  • Delete Bluetooth pairings and pair again from scratch


Although technology has been quickly making a sizeable impact on society and our lives, there’s no denying the fact that it is not always perfect. 

Of course, it is wise to keep in mind that you cannot solve all the problems you are facing with your device by yourself unless you are an expert in the field, so always keep the door open for calling in professional help when needed.

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