Smart Dorms. Future of the Students That Is Closer Than It Seems

As a student, you can make learning and even the quality of life you live better by making your dorm smart. We all use smartphones, and other nifty gadgets and techs and we know how these things significantly help us in our academics and also in all other activities that we engage in. Designed to also do these too are modern dormitories, and that’s why there’s a need for the management of schools to start building innovative student housing and start improving the hostels by installing college dorm electronics. Your guess is as good as mine; the future we so much anticipate is already happening today! If you are wondering what smart dorms are, don’t worry, the next section of this article will be providing you with all you need to know about them.



What Is a Smart Dorm?

Smart dorms are no different from smart homes, only that they are not as expensive, because you don’t have to install more of the equipment that you’d typically need in a house. They provide the occupant, just as mentioned earlier, the security and privacy that we all inherently desire. Smart homes or automated houses, as they are also called, are homes that are usually fortified with technologies that allow you to connect and control them via a network using your devices, either through your PC or even from your smartphone. This means that if you are far away from home, you can easily turn your lights off and on with just a few taps on the screen of your mobile phone. Just as long as you have a strong wireless connection in your home that allows you to easily access the installed devices from anywhere you may be.

In the bid to make the learning process easier for students, smart dorms were introduced. Instead of the old-fashioned dorms that have archaic doors and locks, and require physical movements if you need to do something you can do with just one tap, you can build a smart dorm that guarantees you security, comfort and minimal consumption of energy. By the way, another thing that I, as a student, do with one tap is making use of a writing service to help me with my research papers whenever I don’t feel I can do it myself. As a result, the APA paper writing service I use allows me to worry less because they help me in writing my research paper in the standard APA format – something my school permits for the writing of research.

So instead of just stressing over a paper for hours on end, I have easy access to a service that can help me and also make learning a lot easier. And that’s what automated dorms are for too. They give you that wonderful opportunity to live a less stressful life, and in that way also, you are able to learn swiftly and easily. For example, if you forgot to turn off your water supply and while in a class, it suddenly occurred to you that you need to go back immediately to turn it off. But, with an automated dorm, you don’t have to embarrass yourself by asking your professor for the permission to rush back to your room, you can easily just turn it off with your computer or mobile phone on the spot. Easy-peasy! A lot of things will be avoided, and you will also have the clear-cut chance to focus totally on your lecture.

What Are the Devices You’d Need to Build a Smart Dorm?

Even though building an automated dorm may sound difficult or expensive, you’d be surprised to know that they are not as expensive as you think. These nifty devices are easily accessible. Just as I gain easy access to an APA service, now and then, via the internet, you can also get these gadgets without difficulty. They are all on sale on most of the big online markets you can think of.


Modern Locks

Your security comes first before anything else. Mostly, as a student, you are not going to be always in your room: from lectures to a gathering somewhere on campus, to hanging out with friends, you name it. And because of this, you must ensure that you keep your room safe and secure by installing smart locks that instill that feeling of safety anytime you are not around.


For additional security, you can install smart cams that allow you to monitor things in your dormitory. This device is especially useful if you have a pet that you cannot take with you every time. With a cam, you’ll be able to monitor it, to see if it’s doing just fine on its own.


Without an excellent broadband network, there’s no way you’ll be able to access and control these devices remotely. So, you need to fix WIFI to enjoy using these devices.

Other really amazing devices you can install are smart lighting, motion sensors, and voice controllers.

In a world that is constantly changing, we can’t continue living an old-school way using outdated techs. Today, technology has helped us so much to develop new means of reducing the weight of living; making our actions and activities a lot easier for us than they used to be. One of the modern technologies that are now becoming popular in this present age are automated homes. This is because they afford residents the privacy, safety, and control that we all generally ache for. And aside from these three things that automated homes offer, they also make living a lot less difficult, with improved techs that make for more relaxation and ease in your own home. And that’s what we all want; a place with no fear or trouble whatsoever: a place we can all call “home.”

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