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This is for the Android 2.19.34
Different types, but most trending apps.
  • YOWhatsapp
  • GBWhatsapp
  • FMWhatsapp


Fm WhatsAppFm WhatsApp -latest


What is FM WhatsApp?

FMWhatsApp is a ust a WhatsApp MOD. It was made to that you can use to extend functionalities of the original WhatsApp APK.  As you would know, Whatsapp is the worlds leading instant messaging app and chat app and nearly everyone has it on their smart phones. FM Whatsapp allows you to download custom themes which enables you to customize the looks and feel of Whastapp. As FM Whatsapp is a MOD, it also allows you to modify features as well as modding the validation of some of its features on the app.

For example:

  • Bypassing field valiation maximum character length – Increasing status text length to 250 characters,
  • Anti delete messages,
  • Customize themes, layouts, buttons and so on.


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55,852,160 bytes (56.3 MB on disk)

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Other information:

Root is not required for this app.

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