Fix: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Battery Drain/Overheating

Does your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 battery drain very fast? Does your Galaxy Note 2 overheat? Battery drainage and overheating are common problems faced by many modern handheld devices and, the Galaxy Note 2, is no exception to this problem. Several factors contribute to the Galaxy Note 2 battery life and, with this tutorial, you read about everything there is to know about quick battery depletion on the Note 2, overheating on the Note 2 and, the many steps you can take to learn how to improve your Note 2's battery life. So, what to do when your Galaxy Note 2 drains fast? To answer this question, you have to evaluate your Note 2’s battery performance and figure out the cause of the Note 2’s bad battery life. Things that affect the Note 2's battery life include; the number of apps installed on your device, poor battery settings optimization and Google Play Services can also affect your Note 2 battery performance (you can read about that in this post). Let's begin with the battery drain and then we’ll discuss the overheating issues. This post contains several pages to make digesting the content easier. Use the blue arrow keys at the bottom or top of the article to read each section of the tutorial.

Best Battery Saver for Note 2 - Greenify

The first thing you can do to help save battery life on the Galaxy Note 2 is to install an app. The best battery saver app for the Note 2 is Greenify. Greenify allows you to place all your apps in a state of hibernation, and they only become activate when you choose to launch the app yourself. After you have finished using the app, the Greenify application checks for the amount of time that the app has been inactive and then places it back into hibernation. With no apps running in the background, you see an increase in battery health on your Galaxy Note 2 device. Given that Greenify is just one of the ways that you can resolve battery draining and overheating issues on your Note 2, we dedicated an article on its usage and set up. You can read how to use the Greenify app to extend battery life on your Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Another post that is of interest is the how to resolve problems with a Note 2 that won't charge or turn on. When you finish, you can continue with the rest of this tutorial by clicking through to the next page using the navigation buttons at the top or bottom of the post.


Changing the brightness settings is a common fix. All you need to do is turn off the automatic brightness feature and set the brightness to a lower setting manually (not so dim that you can hardly see the screen). Turning your Galaxy Note 2 display brightness down is an easy way to improve the Note 2 battery life. After you adjust the brightness settings on the Galaxy Note 2, the next thing you might want to do is limit location services. One of the most power consuming features of the Galaxy Note 2 is the GPS location services. Moreover, you might be surprised to know that it incorporates more than just Google Maps. Social networking apps like Facebook, Twitter, and even WhatsApp make use of the GPS functionality of your Galaxy Note 2 which in turn drains your battery even more. Moreover, while location services are useful, limiting those settings boosts battery life and this is what we strive to achieve. To define the location services usage on your Samsung Galaxy Note 2, do the following:

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