Samsung Galaxy A5 Recovery Mode

This tutorial will teach you how to boot the Samsung Galaxy A5 into recovery mode. You might want to restart your Galaxy A5 into recovery mode if you need to perform a hard reset or perhaps you want to backup your ROM. Whatever your reasons, this guide will teach you how to put your Galaxy A5 into recovery mode.

How to Enter Recovery Mode on a Samsung Galaxy A5

Device Hardware method

  • First of all you need to turn off your phone: press power button and select “power off”, or just press and hold power key for a few seconds.
  • Next, press and hold (at the same time and for a few seconds) Power, Volume UP and Home buttons.
  • Release these keys when the recovery mode menu will be displayed on your Galaxy A5.
  • You can use Volume Up and Down buttons to scroll up and down and Power key to select.
  • You can return to Android OS by choosing “reboot system now”.

If you just can’t get this method working then you can always use an app to help you out. See how below.

samsung galaxy a5 recovery mode

Samsung Galaxy A5

Use an App

  • If the above explained method is too hard for you, then access Google Play from your Galaxy A5.
  • From the market search, download and install the Quick Boot app.
  • Launch the tool on your phone.
  • Follow on screen prompts and select “Recovery”.
  • Wait while your smartphone is being automatically rebooted into recovery mode.

These are just two ways with which you may reboot your Galaxy A5 into recovery mode. You can also take the ADB route which is not explained here as either of the above will get the job done. Thank you for reading this how to boot the Samsung Galaxy A5 recovery mode tutorial. Don’t forget to share the information with your friends and if you need help then drop us a comment below.@


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