Remove Action Center from Taskbar Windows 10

Remove action center from taskbar windows 10: This tutorial will show you how to enable or disable the Action Center for all or specific users in Windows 10. The Windows 10 Action Center displays notifications from Windows Apps as well as system alerts. The Action Center can also show notifications from other applications downloaded from the Windows Store.  The Action Center shows notifications until you manually clear them from the user interface(UI). Quite useful if you’ve missed the pop up notifications. It also has quick actions/toggles at the bottom of the UI. These include, Airplane mode, Bluetooth, VPN setup etc. If you really feel that all these are not important or useful to you, then here’s how to disable the Windows 10 Action Center:

Things to Know

  • Administrator Privileges needed to enable or disable the Action Center
  • Once Action Center is disabled, it will no longer display in the taskbar notification area, and can no longer be opened
  • Notifications continue to appear in the taskbar notification area, but you won’t get to review them in the Action Center

There are two methods that you can use to disable Windows 10 Action Center. The first method includes using a REG file to enable or disable Action Center and the second method involves the use of Group Policy to enable or disable Action Center.

Remove Action Center from Taskbar Windows 10: REG File Method

The .reg files discussed in this tutorial will add and change the DWORD value in the registry key as per the below information:

DisableNotificationCenter DWORD
0 or delete = Enable
 1 = Disable

Enable Action Center for Current User Only

  • First thing: Download the Disable_Action_Center.reg file.
  • Double click/tap on the downloaded .reg file to merge it.
  • If prompted, click/tap on Run, Yes (UAC), Yes, and OK to approve the merge.
  • Restart the PC to apply the changes.

Enable or Disable Action Center in Group Policy

Local Group Policy Editor is only available in the Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, and Education editions.  All other Windows 10 computers using other editions can use method 1 above or see the video below for more info.

Open the all users, specific users or groups, or all users except administrators Local Group Policy Editor for how you want this policy applied.

  • In the left pane, click/tap on to expand User Configuration, Administrative Templates, and Start Menu and Taskbar.
  • In the right pane of Start Menu and Taskbar, double click/tap on Remove Notifications and Action Center to edit it.

To Enable Action Center

  • Select either Not Configured or Disabled, click/tap on OK, and you’re done. (Not Configured is the default setting).

To Disable Action Center

  • Select Enabled, click/tap on OK, and you’re done.

To ensure that your settings are saved, restart your computer. Thanks for reading: how to Remove Action Center from Taskbar Windows 10.

Video: How to get gpedit.msc (Group Policy) on Windows 10/8.1/8

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