OnePlus 2 Recovery Mode

OnePlus 2 Recovery Mode Tutorial: Wondering how to boot a OnePlus 2 into recovery mode? Then, this tutorial provides the necessary steps to launch the recovery mode option on OnePlus 2 smartphones.

Recovery mode allows you to perform hard resets & updates on your OnePlus 2. There are two ways that you can boot the OnePlus 2 into the recovery mode environment.


  • Power off your OnePlus 2 and wait for 3-4 seconds after screen goes off;
  • Press and hold the Power + Volume down buttons together until the screen becomes active.
  • Do you encounter a blank screen? Then, all you need to do is to hold the volume up button and then press the power button once. You will then see the 3e stock recovery.

Your OnePlus 2 now reboots into the recovery mode environment. Can’t enable recovery mode via hardware keys? Then, use the second method outlined below. Additionally, this method involves using the ADB suite.

Access OnePlus 2 Recovery Mode via ADB Commands

  1. Install ADB and Fastboot driver.
  2. Open a command window on your computer.
  3. Enable USB debugging on your OnePlus 2.
    • Go to Settings > About phone, and then tap the text that reads ‘Build number’ . Tap 7 times or until you get the message ‘You’re now a developer!’.
    • Go back to Settings and select‘Developer options’. Find the ‘USB debugging’ option and use the toggle button to enable the feature. Read and Accept the warning by tapping the OK button.
  4. Connect your OnePlus 2 to your PC. A pop-up normally appears on the OnePlus 2 display. Moreover, this pop-up only appears  the first time after enabling the USB debugging feature.
  1. Select the ‘Always allow from this computer’ checkbox and then tap on the OK button.
  2. Now, type the following command into the command window and then press the enter key to execute the command.
adb reboot recovery

Video Guide: OnePlus 2: How to Boot into Recovery Mode


That’s it. Two methods for loading the OnePlus 2 environment. After completing any of the above steps, your OnePlus 2 reboots into recovery mode. Did you have trouble booting your OnePlus 2 into recovery mode?  Then, let us know in the comments section below. For further reference, read how to enable recovery mode on OnePlus 3 smartphones.

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