Is IPhone X Waterproof? Here’s What you Need To Know

The simple answer is: The IPhone X is not waterproof. Waterproof means that it can withstand water for long periods of time in great depth. However, IPhone X can’t withstand water indefinitely. Its waterproof certification is IP67, which means that you can avoid damaging your phone by liquid spills. Also, it can withstand 1 meter for 30 minutes. If you want to test it, you can, but I highly discourage it because it might damage your phone.

The technical term that should be used with IPhone X is water-resistant. It can resist water, but it is not perfectly waterproof. If you want to fact check, go to Official Apple website.

So, I’ve addressed frequently asked questions below. Reading these will help you to understand how “waterproof” IPhone X really is.

Frequently Asked Questions about How WaterProof IPhone X Is

1. Can You Take Pictures Underwater with IPhone X?

Yes, but with a waterproof case. DO NOT TAKE PICTURES UNDER WATER WITHOUT A CASE. If you do, you are in a risk of damaging your phone permanently. If you want to, you should check out these waterproof cases on Amazon. There are rich people and companies, who have tested how far and how long IPhone X can withstand being underwater. If you want to see how far they can last, search on Google! I would not waste thousands of dollars to test it out for yourself, however.

2. Can I Take Shower with Iphone X?

I hope that you learned by reading the first frequently asked question. The answer is yes, but with a waterproof case.

3. Does Apple Warranty Cover Water Damage for IPhone X

No, regular warranty does not cover water damage. However, if you have Apple Care+, it does cover up to two incidents of accidental damage, which covers water. However, you do need to pay $99 deductible. So, don’t swim with you IPhone if you don’t want to pay $99.

4. I spilled some liquid on my IPhone X. What should I do?

First, be calm. Then, wipe it with a damp tissue or towel. You should leave your IPhone X for few hours until the water dries completely. Then, your phone should work fine!

I hope that this article about IPhone X waterproof was helpful to you. So, I hope that you don’t go out and dumping water on your IPhone after reading this article. Just use your common sense. It’s better to be safe then sorry!

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