How To View Your Apple Cash Transactions On IPhone

Just started to use Apple cash? want to know how to view your apple cash transactions on iPhone. If you’ve been using your phone to send and receive money it is great to be able to keep a track on what you’ve been spending.

We’ve got a few ways that you can view your transactions below

View Apple Cash transactions in your Wallet

Firstly open the wallet app and follow the instructions below

From the main menu tap Apple cash

Firstly you’ll see the most recent transaction.

You can view the status of the transactions, date of transaction and amount by tapping on the transaction once. you’ll also be able to see any other transactions by the same person if any.

If you tap the transaction again you can also see the method of payment such as your bank card or apple cash balance. you can also send payment to the same person again or cancel transactions.

View Apple Cash transactions in your Settings

In Your settings, you can also view your transactions.

Open settings and go to wallet and pay

Hit apple cash

Select the transactions to tap located at the top

You will then see a list of transactions tap on the transactions to see more details like the app

You can also request a statement via email you just need to hit request transaction statement and click send.

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