How To Choose The Right Chromebook

Google controls the look and all updates on all chrome books. Knowing how to choose the right chrome book will all depend on your needs and preferences. A chrome book that has been built by Lenovo, Dell or Samsung will all act the same. The decision-making process of choosing a chrome book may seem difficult but trust me it’s not that hard. We will help you decide how to choose the right Chromebook for you below.

Get a Touch Screen

When looking at other laptop systems touchscreen may be a luxury, but with chrome books, it can be considered as a requirement.
The touch optimisation on the chrome book is getting more advised each month on the Chrome OS.
The chrome books apps are installed via the play store and are optimised for touch so why not treat yourself to the touch screen model.
Many Chromebook models don’t feel the need to have any non-touch screen models if you do see a chrome book without touch screen try to avoid them and walk away. The touch screen models are the most competitive and are not much more expensive on 2019 chrome books. It’s amazing when you’re able to scroll through Amazon and tap to play games like solitaire. You’ll never want to use a mouse again.
If you’re looking to buy a 2-in-1 the touch screen is even harder, it the best factor of the chrome book. It’s great to pop your chrome book off to watch a movie in bed or being able to fold it down to a tablet mode when your u well in bed is the best.
If your working in an office which is awkwardly lit, the 360-degree hinge is perfect for everyday productivity. Travelling in the car but forgot the quarterly expense reports are due tomorrow, you can pop it in your lap and travel away.

Decide on the features you want

This is the best way of how to choose the right Chromebook for you as it can eliminate a lot of choice options. As the Chrome OS is exactly the same on many devices in terms of the software, which means the hard where a feature that stands out is more paramount. Figuring out which features you need and want from your chrome book will narrow down the field and make you that much closer to your chrome book.
As advised before it’s best to get a touchscreen Chromebook.

If you can get a 2-in-1 to go down that route. If you love to watch movies you will need a really high-quality screen with a loud front facing speakers.
If your more productive and want to use multi-screen format and need to open a number of tabs at once, you’ll need a 3.2 screen which has the ability to split screen with a powerful processor and memory.
If you’re more of a productive person you need to remember to keep an eye out for the USB ports. Many of the new more premium chrome books such as pixel book have the new USB C configuration, whereas some of the older models will still host the USB A ports with some USB C ports for charging purposes.

The best chrome books on the market with military-grade MIL-STD 810G durability and spill resistant keyboards, these are great families with young kids or travellers who tend to drop or spill liquids onto their devices. The ASUS Chromebook Flip C214 comes with a built-in stylus and is great for education and work purposes you’ll fall in love with it.

Pick your size

There are 4 main sizes but chrome books do come in a variety of sizes. Shown below:

11.6-inch model

This model of chrome book is the most ports lend affordably. As the screen is small in size the image can look good even if your resolution is less than 1080p. The keys come in different sizes on the 11.6-inch model l, full sized or slightly smaller. Many manufacturers tend to keep the keys at full size.

12.3-12.5 inch models

With the 2-in-1 models, this screen size is becoming more and more popular. The HP Chrome book X2, Microsoft Surface Proline and the Google pixel Slate are all examples of 2-in-1 Chromebooks with this screen size. These models are great for working with split screens, multitasking and using photography apps as they have a 3:2 screen ration.

14-inch model

These models host thin bezels and have proper engineering to ensure they are as portable as the 13-inch model. These models also have a 7-9 hour battery. Many chrome books enable you to change the font settings. If you like to enlarge your font the 14-inch models are the best for you as they start with a full 1080p screen!

15.6-inch model

These sized laptops are not your portable type. If you work in an office environment or have a home office these are great laptops for you however these are more like desktops. You’ll be able to fit these in your bag for holiday morning a large laptop bag but it is advised to leave them in an office or a dining room table. This sized laptop can drain the battery and tend to be heavy which stops them for being carried around by many people daily.

It’s well known the bigger the screen size the more you can fit in the screen, however, take into account it will be less portable and the battery life will drain more. Smaller Chromebooks are more portable and tend to be cheaper, but the resolution will be compromised.

Memory and Storage

When it comes to computers, phone and tablets the RAM- Random Access Memory is a critical part of the memory and storage of your chrome book. It uses the Chome books processor when you using apps, tabs and commands and enables them to work.
If you are used to a windows computer or a desktop computer it may seem a little bit strange when it comes to looking at the Ram for your chrome book. Many files see stores in a cloud like an android mobile phone on Google drive eliminating a lot of documents clogging up the device. Your chrome book will still need internal storage for apps, offline documents and downloaded music and movies.

In order to use the above documents from your internal storage, 4GB of Ram will be sufficient enough. 8GB and 16Gb are better but will be needed for multiple screen shares or video calls.
SD cards and Memory cards can also be used on many Chrome books. Local storage is the best to start. The starting storage for a Chromebook is 32 GB and can be manageable but the 64gb issue best storage to start with. Premium chrome books that start at $500+ dollars will give you 128gb, but the 64gb chrome book Is more than sufficient for every day.

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