How To Transfer From Coinbase To Kraken

Use Kraken to trade your Bitcoins or other cryptocurrency. Trade them to buy alt-coins like Ripple, EOS, or any other alt-coin. We wrote about Coinbase & Binance. But, in this article, we talk about how to transfer from Coinbase to Kraken.

How To Transfer Coins From Coinbase To Kraken

  • Go to your Coinbase profile.
  • At the top, choose Accounts (on mobile, it’s at the bottom).
  • Choose the cryptocurrency (bitcoin, etc.) you want to transfer.
  • Select the amount. Then, click/tap send.
  • Enter the Kraken address to which you want to send the coins.

How To Find Kraken Address

  • From your Kraken account, tap/click Funding.
  • Choose the cryptocurrency that you are about to deposit.
  • Then, tap/click  Generate New Address.

Enter Kraken Address In Coinbase

  • Go back to Coinbase.
  • Input the address you got from Kraken in the receiver box on Coinbase.
  • Choose an amount (if not done already).
  • Double-check the info and tap/click send/continue.

It takes a while for the transfer from your Coinbase to your Kraken account to go through. It should not be more than an hour. You can your Coinbase for Transactions that successfully went through.

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