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Headphones Made in USA: Last week, I wrote a review on several headphones, more specifically, Audeze Headphones, like the Audeze EL-8 Open-Back Headphone. They are quality earphones, and luckily they are manufactured in the United States. But, I wanted to find out if there were any other headphones or earbuds made in the U.S.A. These are the results of my research for headphones made in the U.S.A.


At Audeze we remove the boundaries between artist and listener. Our products combine revolutionary acoustic engineering and beautiful craftsmanship to provide the finest listening experience. Our headphones’ best-in-class accuracy makes them an irreplaceable tool for those requiring the most transparent audio reproduction available. First discovered by audiophiles, now professional engineers and music producers are using our headphones as their new reference. We’re proud to present our product guide that briefly covers some of our technology and specifications. However, no product guide can ever do our products justice. The only way to truly appreciate our headphones is listening to them. These Audeze headphones are hand-made in the U.S.A.

Headphones Made in the USA by Audeze

  • Audeze LCD-3 Headphone

Our flagship headphone has been called the best in the world. At the pinnacle of our LCD Collection, the LCD-3 delivers the highest resolution music experience of all our headphones. Its sound is always musical, spacious, ultra-realistic, with powerful bass, a rich and engaging midrange, and a top end that pulls you into the music. For the best results, Audeze recommends pairing the LCD-3 with an external headphone amplifier.

  • Audeze LCD-4 Headphone

The LCD-4, Audeze’s new reference headphone, is the result of dedicated research and development and advancements in materials science. It features our amazingly thin nano-grade diaphragms and unique Double Fluxor magnet arrays for the most powerful magnetic flux density in existence, an incredible 1.5 Tesla! It also features a new comfortable suspension-type carbon fiber and leather headband and delivers breathtaking high-resolution sound, imaging, and transparency, with exciting dynamics. It sounds incredibly open in the midrange and treble, and coupled with Audeze’s powerful bass removes the boundaries between artist and listener. It outperforms any other in its class like electrostatics or dynamic driver headphones. The LCD-4 is the most advanced planar magnetic technology to date.

  • Audeze LCD-XC Headphone

The closed-back LCD-XC was created based on our core customers’ feedback. It delivers all the benefits of the LCD-X while isolating the listener and reducing ambient noise for a private listening experience, a significant achievement due to the inherent challenges of enclosing our planar transducers. The LCD-XC is the finest closed-back planar available, sensitive enough to be driven directly by portable players and mobile devices, but an external amplifier produces better sonic results.

  • Audeze LCD-2 Headphone

The LCD-2 is the legendary headphone that made Audeze an industry leader. Continuous evolution and the addition of Fazor technology have enhanced its transparency and overall performance. Known for their tight, extended bass response, smooth, inviting midrange, and warm high frequencies, the LCD-2 headphones offer a listening experience that makes believers out of even casual music listeners. For the best performance, The LCD-2 requires an external headphone amplifier.

  • Audeze LCD-X Headphone

The LCD-X is an extremely efficient headphone that extracts the maximum power out of low-powered amplifiers and portable devices. It’s also the most neutral of all the LCD Collection, explaining its popularity with audiophiles, recording engineers and musicians alike, for its clarity and fast, accurate dynamics. The X is sensitive enough to be driven directly by portable players and smartphones but an external amplifier produces better results.

  • Audeze EL-8 Closed-Back Headphone

The closed-back EL-8 offers all the benefits of the open-back EL-8 — flexible, lightweight and loaded with new technology — while isolating the listener and reducing ambient noise as no sound escapes the earcups. The EL-8 closed-back is also sensitive enough to be driven directly by portable players and smartphones, but an external amplifier produces better results. They’re built with superb craftsmanship, wood veneer accents and enormous attention to detail.

  • Audeze EL-8 Open-Back Headphone

The EL-8 is flexible, portable, lightweight and loaded with new technology for extreme performance. It works beautifully with most portable players and phones. Designed by BMWDesignWorks USA and available in open and closed-back models, they’re built with superb craftsmanship, wood veneer accents, and enormous attention to detail. The EL-8 features the world’s most advanced planar magnetic technology with sound quality unheard of in this or any other price category. The EL-8 is one of the best headphones made in the USA.

Grado Labs

Since 1953 high-fidelity headphones and phonograph cartridges have been hand-built by the Grado family in Brooklyn USA. Our products are appreciated worldwide by serious music lovers and professionals. Most of the products that carry the Grado name are made in Brooklyn, NY by a small and friendly staff. The only earphone products of theirs that aren’t made in the United States are the iGrado product and all in-ear products. Other than that these headphones are made in Brooklyn New York. Like Audeze, Grado Labs Headphones are hand-made in the United States.

Grado SR60E

Headphones Made in the USA by Grado Labs

  • Grado SR60E

The Grado SR60e is your entry to the world of full spectrum audio. You’ll actually hear notes you never knew were there. Perhaps your audiophile friends have fueled a desire for the legendary Grado sound but you thought it was out of reach. Try a pair of our affordable open-back headphones and experience fuller, more realistic sound. Club-footed imports can’t match the sonic enlightenment from Brooklyn, USA.

  • Grado SR80I

What does the i stand for in the SR80i from Grado? Improved, that’s what! Built on the same features as the Grado SR60i, but SR80i utilizes a 4 conductor connecting cable and the diaphragms are put through a special ‘de-stressing’ process in order to enhance inner detail, the result of which gives a more open stage. The new SR80i has an upgraded driver design, and they have enlarged and improved the mass distribution in the plastic housing.

  • Grado SR60i
  • Grado SR80
  • Grado SR225
  • Grado PS1000
  • Grado SR325is
  • Grado SR325
  • Grado SR225i
  • Grado SR125
  • Grado Gr10
  • Grado SR325i


Since 1959, Westone has specialized in custom earplugs and earpieces as well as other products to protect and enhance hearing, facilitate communication, and support hearing care professionals. Our dedication to absolute quality, uncompromising service, and The Golden Rule have made us a world leader in our industry. Westone makes the UM1, UM2, and UM3X models of earbuds at their lab in Colorado. The company claims to be the only earbuds that are made in the U.S.A. Be prepared before shopping though. At over $100 each, these buds are pricey! You can check out the reviews of each before you buy em’ though.

USA Manufactured HeadphonesGrado Labs, Westone, and Audeze (these are some of the best headphones) are the only companies that make headphones in the United States. Do you know of any other Headphones Made in the USA? Let us know and we’ll be sure to get reviews and info on those companies as well.


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