Google Begins Roll Out Of Google Discover On Mobile

In an effort to re-brand the Google Search feed and provide internet searchers with relevant information, Google came up with Google Discover. And, today, the new feature begins rolling out on mobile.

Not long ago, Google had renamed Google Now to Google Feed. A feature that has over 800 million users per month, according to Google. The new interface, brings not only a new name but, also an updated visual design and features.

For example, as you see in the below image, the new mobile web search features a feed of cards m

These cards feature a cover image, title, and brief summary. The site name and published date are also visible. Google Discover also allows you to prevent certain websites or topics from showing up in your feed.

Likewise, you can choose to have more information about a particular topic appear. For example, you can track live sports scores and YouTube videos.

Google Discover is available on any mobile browser. This includes Safari on iOS and Chrome. It features a card at the top that introduces the new features and how users can learn more about Discover.

The new feature is a welcomed addition to Google Search. And, it comes just after Google recently rolled out Google Lens to Google Images on the mobile web, as part of another initiative to make the user experience of Search more visual and intuitive.

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