Galaxy S7 Charging Problems & “Moisture detected in charging port” Error

Having trouble charging your Galaxy S7? Do you get the Galaxy S7moisture detected in charging port” error? If you’re having trouble charging your Galaxy S7 then read this post, Fix: Samsung Galaxy S7 Won’t Charge. If you’re facing the moisture detected in charging port Galaxy S7 error then continue with this post, Galaxy S7 Charging Problems & “Moisture detected in charging port” Error for common charging problems on the Galaxy S7 and the moisture detected issue.

Things You’ll Learn

  • Troubleshoot a Samsung Galaxy S7 that won’t charge and displays the error message “Moisture detected in the charging port.”
  • Troubleshoot Galaxy S7 keeps showing notification that it is connected to the  charger even when it is not.
  • Troubleshoot Galaxy S7 keeps flashing the screen every 10 seconds while charging through a different charger.
  • Troubleshoot Galaxy S7 blacks out and refuses to charge.
  • Troubleshoot Galaxy S7 won’t boot up  
  • Troubleshoot Galaxy S7 stuck on the Samsung screen with blue LED light on.
  • Galaxy S7 won’t take a charge out of the box. What should you do if this happens to you?

Galaxy S7 Troubleshooting Introduction

The Samsung Galaxy S7 may suffer from charging and power related problems. The ‘moisture detected in charging port’ being a common error. This, even though the Galaxy S7 boasts an IP68 certification (water resistance). This does not mean that the S7 is waterproof but rather water resistant. Water can still damage your phone. If you fear that your S7 suffers from severe water damage then read

Moving on, we’ll discuss some of the common charge and power issues on the Galaxy S7 and the various ways to troubleshoot the problems. You can also check out our extensive guides section for more troubleshooting tips or use our search feature to find the help you need. And, you can always leave us a comment at the end of any post.

Samsung Galaxy S7 “Moisture Detected in the Charging Port.”

A recently purchased Samsung S7 keeps getting a message saying “Moisture detected. Make sure the port is dry.” The S7 barely charges if at all. In order for any charge to happen, use has to keep plugging  and unplugging the charger. How do you fix the moisture detected in charging port error?

You must first verify whether or not the S7 has water damage. Open the SIM card tray and look for a little sticker inside the SIM card slot. The sticker should be white. However, if it is red, purple or pink, this means that you have a water damaged Samsung Galaxy S7. If it is white then you do not have to worry. There could be a bit of liquid in the charging port area but the device should be fine overall. Try to dry the area. You can place the device in a bowl of rice, place it near a warm area (not hot), blow out the port etc.

Galaxy S7 keeps flashing the screen every 10 seconds while charging

If your Galaxy S7 screen flashes while charging then the problem is that you are more than likely not using the official Samsung Galaxy S7 charger. The best thing to do here is to buy a charger suited for your S7. This should have the correct voltage and your device should no longer flash while charging. Other charges can cause damage to your battery and S7 over time.


If you are not able to charge the Galaxy S7 then be sure to read Samsung Galaxy S7 not charging fixes & solutions. If you face other issues then let us know in the comments so that we can better assist you.

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