Error 5002 – EA Mobile Error Fix – SIMS & Country Gate

Error 5002 – EA Mobile Error Fix – SIMS & Country Gate: EA Mobile games for Android tend to experience a 5002 error code on a variety of their applications (SIMS & Country Gate). Other EA Mobile games affected include NBA Jam, Dead Space, and, of course, The Sims for Android being the most affected. Although there is no official workaround or fix as of writing, there are some things that you can do to resolve the problem. The fixes outlined in this article are user submitted fixes. There is also an EA support approved solution.  This article outlines both methods available for rectifying the error 5002 on The Sims & most other EA titles. The first method, Copy Game Files From Another Android Device, can be used by any Android device. The second method, Adjust Your Display Resolution, unfortunately, requires root access.

Error 5002 Fix: Copy Game Files From Another Android Device

The first method sees users copying game files from another Android device to their Android device. Users report that this method resolves the error 5002 problems, but if it does not work, move to the second solution. This method requires a second Android device.

  • On the second device, install the EA game via the Google Play Store
  • Once downloaded on the secondary device, visit the file manager app on your device
  • Tap Android, Data, and search for the  game folder
  • Find the game folder named, For example, for the Sims Freeplay, it is
  • Once identified, copy the folder (methods for doing this vary by device)
  • Next, navigate to a folder you can find easily later.
  • Once in the specific folder, press OK or ‘paste’ to move the copied file into the new location

This next step requires the use of one of your computers or laptops to transfer the game files. You also need a USB data cable that you can use to connect each device to your PC.

  • Connect the secondary Android smartphone to your PC via USB cable.
  • Once connected, visit the device storage menu via‘My computer’.
  • Now, locate the folder that includes the copied game folder from the previous steps.
  • Once found, drag the folder onto your desktop.
  • Next, disconnect the secondary Android smartphone safely and then connect your main smartphone.
  • Once connected, visit the device storage menu via ‘My computer’.
  • Now, locate the game folder via the desktop file explorer.
  • It’s likely to be in a similar location to your other device.
  • For example, Go to internal storage, Android, data.
  • Next, drag the file from your desktop into the data folder.
  • A prompt should ask you whether you’d like to replace the files.
  • Click Yes to the prompt and wait for the files to copy.
  • Once the copying completes, disconnect your device.

Now, verify that you no longer receive the 5002 error code. Should the error 5002 persist, try the next method below, however, remember that this method requires a rooted smartphone.

Adjust Your Display Resolution – Fix Error 5002

As reported by developers involved in the development of some of EA’s mobile applications, the eamobile error 5002  stems from resolution incompatibilities. This is to say that your smartphone’s display does not support the game’s required resolution. To adjust the resolution, an app, NOMone Resolution Changer, found on the Google Play Store is needed.

  • Download & open NOMone, grant it SuperUser Access when prompted.
  • Next, tap select device template
  • Choose Samsung Galaxy S4 (1080×1920)
  • Tap Apply

Does your display work correctly? Great! You can now play any EA game without the pesky 5002 error. Once you finish playing the game, return to the NoMone app and tap the ‘restore defaults’ setting to revert to your smartphone’s default resolution. Remember to launch the app again when you want to play your favorite EA game.

A Word of Caution: NoMone

The app asks if you’d like to keep the new resolution settings within the next minute, if the new resolution works fine and your device works fine, you can tap to close these messages when they appear. If your resolution changes caused issues, leave your device untouched for a minute and it will eventually revert to its original state. At this point you can choose a different device – try the Motorola Moto X (720×1280)


The above solutions resolve the eamobile countrygate error 5002  & sims freeplay server error 5002. It also works to resolve similar errors on other EA Mobile games for Android. If you have any suggestions or need further assistance then please feel free to leave us a comment below and we’d be happy to get back to you. Thanks for reading, Error 5002 – EA Mobile Error Fix – SIMS & Country Gate on ORDUH!

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