Instwogram: Use Two Instagram Accounts On Same Phone

Instwogram: An Instagram Companion. Instagram is a popular social media website that allows users to share images and short videos with their friends, family and just about anyone else. It all depends on the privacy settings of your account. Instagram allows you to upload an unlimited amount of images to your account.

Your personal image storing safe-house. However, at the moment the Instagram app is available for Desktop (Browser), Android and iOS devices. Not necessarily a problem for many users as one account is sufficient. If, however, you want to have a personal and professional Instagram account that you manage from the same device you wouldn’t be able to do so under normal circumstances.

The official Instagram client does not allow multi-sessions. You have to log out and then log in again with your details every time you want to switch accounts.  And, as many people wonder, how to have two Instagram accounts? Instwogram comes in. You can have two accounts open simultaneously from different apps installed on the same device. Here’s everything you need to know about this useful Instagram client. And, how and where to download and install the Instwogram APK!

What is Instwogram for Android?

Instwogram is an application that will allow you to manage two Instagram accounts on your Android smartphone or tablet. As explained above, the native Instagram application does not permit this and, as we all know, there is no desktop app from which you can upload photos. However, with Instwogram on your smartphone, you can upload photos instantly to a new Instagram account while maintaining the original account on the same device.

Can you have two Instagram accounts on one phone? Now you can! The alternative to this process is to go through the tedious process of logging in- log out – log in- log out – if you want to do it from the native Instagram app, which not only sounds incredibly annoying but prevents you from receiving notifications in the two accounts simultaneously. Now if you are using Android, you are saved from this horror (sorry iPhone users, no trick for you today).

Who developed Instwogram?

Thanks to the fabulous community of XDA Developers comes Instwogram An app, by I-Nex S, is responsible for cloning the latest version of Instagram. Instwogram allows you to run two Instagram accounts on your Android device. Furthermore, use the two account simultaneously. Both fully functional.

With Instwogram you can do everything you do with Instagram, it is a perfect clone of the application, the same, but in which you can log in with a second account, which shows independent notifications and launches from its instance. Yes, Instwogram is not in the Play Store, and you must download the Instwogram APK from the XDA forum page. Remember to install applications that are not from the store of Google; you have to go to Settings> Security> Unknown sources and tick.

How to update Instwogram?

Instwogram cannot be automatically updated. Furthermore, if, for some reason, it goes down, then you must go to XDA forum. Check whether they released a new version. The application does not need superuser permissions (root access) but has some plugins that let you download photos from Instagram on your mobile phone if necessary. You decide if you want this extra or not. I’m using without the slightest inconvenience. Instwogram is certainly something great.

Download the latest version of Instwogram

Instwogram & Instagram - Use Two Instagram Accounts on One Smartphone.

Instwogram & Instagram – Use Two Instagram Accounts on One Smartphone.

Instwogram is the ideal app for anyone who wants to create a new Instagram account. A new Instagram account to use alongside your previous account.  Two Instagram accounts one phone! You can download the latest version of Instwogram here or here.


  • Instwogram is an app that lets you have two active Instagram accounts on your Android device. How? Easy, basically by using a clone of Instagram itself, in which you can also log into the official Instagram app.
  • Instwogram doesn’t offer any additional features compared to the classic Instagram. You won’t find any new features on Instwogram. Instwogram only permits you to have two accounts open at the same time. You can upload pictures to both or either one of them.
  • Instwogram is a pretty useful app for anyone who has two Instagram accounts; it lets you upload your photos without having to log in and out all the time. Thanks for reading, Instwogram: Use Two Instagram Accounts On The Same Phone. Interested in running two Instagram accounts on iOS devices? Check out How to get 2 Instagram Apps in 1 iPhone. The best part of all, you don’t need to Jailbreak!


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