Canon APS H Sensor Cameras

Purchasing a Canon Digital camera may seem easy. However, did you know that different sensors affect which lens you can use? Recently, we talked about the APS-C Sensors. But, there are also APS-H and Full Frame sensors. This article discusses Canon APS-H cameras which have a crop factor of 1.3x. This means that a 50mm lens is equivalent to a 65mm lens on Full Frame.

What is APS-H? What are Canon APS-H Cameras?

Canon used APS-H sensors on a few of their older cameras. With the 1.3x crop factor, APS-H sensors can get near to the object/subject of your photo.Although, not as close as APS-C Models.  This is good if you cannot afford a more expensive lens. However, these lenses cannot replace a proper wide-angle lens. Expressly for those looking to take in as much of the subject as possible in one shot. Let’s illustrate.

Difference between APS-H and Full Frame Cameras

crop-apsh-asp-h crop factor

In the image, the blue area represents the area of the picture you’d be able to capture using an ASP-H sensor. However, a Full Frame sensor captures the entire image. Full frame sensors, like film, measure 36 x 24 and they have no crop factor. Hence, if you use a 50mm lens on a Full Frame camera the field of view does not change.

Also, you more than likely will not see many new model APS-H cameras. The Canon EOS-1D was the first to feature an APS-H sensor. In 2011, Canon retired the APS-H format. However, there are a few other models with the sensor on the list below. And, Canon did announce the 250MP APS-H on September 7, 2015.

Canon APS-H Camera List

APS-H Lens Field of View

Furthermore, here is a list of most common focal lengths and their field of view on an APS-H camera. The list is provided for your reference.

Focal Length APS-H Field of View
10mm 13mm
18mm 23mm
28mm 36mm
35mm 46mm
50mm 65mm
85mm 107mm
100mm 130mm
135mm 178mm
200mm 260mm
300mm 390mm
400mm 520mm
600mm 780mm

To conclude, you won’t find this type of sensor on entry-level cameras. However, with the latest announcement of the ASP-H sensor that was able to capture images enabling the distinguishing of lettering on the side of an airplane flying at a distance of approximately 18 km from the shooting location, you may see new Canon ASP-H cameras. For more on Digital Cameras, check out Canon T5 vs T5i – Difference Between Canon Rebel EOS T5 & T5i and Canon T5i vs T6i – Difference Between Canon Rebel EOS T5i & T6i. Also, if you’re a fan of action cameras like the GoPro, but can’t afford it, here are some good and cheaper alternatives. Lastly, as always, thanks for reading on ORDUH.


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