Uber Competitors in USA | Best Uber Alternatives in the US

Uber is a popular ride-hailing taxi-like service in the USA and various other countries around the world. However, the company has its fair share of controversy and hiccups. Hence, many persons turn to alternative Uber-like services. These are the top Uber competitors in the USA for you to try.


The closest Uber competitor on the market is Lyft. Lyft is a peer-to-peer transportation platform that connects passengers who need rides with drivers willing to provide rides using their vehicles. These drivers, however, under rigorous vetting to ensure public safety. Lyft services over 60 cities in the US. Get the mobile app for Android or iOS on their website.


Another service like Uber and Lyft that you can try while in the United States is Gett. It is even a good alternative if you are a driver as the company offers better pay. So, if you want to make extra money driving, you can sign up for Gett as well. Find out more on the website.


Curb services over 65 Cities in the United States and has over  50,000 cabs and 100,000 drivers. All drivers are fully licensed and insured.  Curb offers pre-scheduled rides mainly to airport locations and you don’t have to physically pay the driver. However, there is always the option to do if you still want to pay your Curb driver in cash. You can even book a taxi online if you do not own the mobile app. See more on their website.


Summon, previously InstantCab, allows you to preschedule rides using their mobile apps or their online interface. There is an online platform as well as an iPhone and Android app. Also, there is a flat fare of $12.50 for 20 minutes and no surge pricing. The company services mainly west coast states.


With Flywheel, you can hail professional, fully licensed taxi driver and pay standard rates rather than individual car fares like Uber does when demand increases. Flywheel has all the usual app features for passengers from instant cab-hail to location tracking. The service is popular in San Francisco. Get more information on their website.


RideYellow is an on-demand taxi service app that allows its users to request a taxi. Simply request a ride and a licensed taxi will be at your door in typically around 10 minutes or less. RideYellow works with local taxi fleets across the United States, in over 11 states, to bring you discounted rates, faster service, and a surge free price. Download the RideYellow app here.

Have you tried any of these services like Uber and Lyft? Do you know of Uber competitors in the USA? Tell us about them and we’d be glad to add them to the list. Thanks for reading Uber Competitors in USA | Best Apps Like Uber To Try In The USA here on ORDUH.

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