Tweetbot For Windows – An Alternative

er since Tweetbot became the most popular Twitter client on iOS and Mac many users have been searching for Tweetbot for Windows, Tweetbot for PC and even Tweetbot for Windows Phone (Seriously?), There is a better chance of seeing Tweetbot for Android before any of the above, however there is no Tweetbot client for any of these devices and that is because the developers of Tweetbot made the app exclusively for Apple devices. That doesn’t mean that you can’t get the same great functionality that Tweetbot offers on your not-so-iOS device.

Today we’ll go through the Tweetbot alternatives that will satisfy your thirst for the iOS app on your non-apple device and many of them are FREE! (Tweetbot is not free). Click through to the next page to get started!


Perhaps the top runner when it comes to Twitter clients, TweetDeck offers many of the same features as Tweetbot. TweetDeck allows you to monitor multiple Twitter accounts, schedule your tweets, set up alerts so that you will always be up to date on the things that matter most, filter your searches based on various criteria, build and export custom timelines, mute annoying users/spammers and also view multiple timelines in one interface without having to manually refresh because TweetDeck works in real time.

tweetdeck for windows, tweetdeck for android


The app is available for Android, Mac, Windows and there is also a web based version. The best part is that it is offered free of charge. They also recently added a TweetDeck Chrome App.

While there are other alternatives, none of them come  close to the functionality of the the TweetDeck suite of apps and as such it was decided that they would not be included in this post. TweetDeck is the Twitter client that will satisfy your needs. Thanks for reading: Tweetbot For Windows – The Alternative. Share the app with your friends.

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