Top 4 Parental Control Apps to Install

Do your children have their own smartphones, and you want to track their activities or want to control what they do on smartphones? If yes, then today, it is not a difficult task. One can simply install the best parental control apps as they have many features and offer ways to track the location, block games, and apps, track messages and call records, give access to social media accounts, and many more.

Before delving into the best parental control apps first, you need to understand why it is crucial to keep a good check on your child’s activities. This modern and internet era has too much to offer the young generation. Most of them leave the right track and start experiments on new things that can lead them to destruction. Because of this, it is the parents’ duty to check what they do in order to keep them on the right track. And today, technology is offering countless ways to help parents to perform this duty. Here you can check the most effective parental control apps that will effectively help you to keep an eye on kid’s online activities.

1. FamilyTime

This app does everything, allowing parents to customize precisely what content their children should have access to, track location, set time limit, and many more. This app offers you tools to set bedtimes and homework, or just limit the screen time of your children on their phones. Moreover, geofencing support is also available so you can get alerts when a phone leaves or enter a specific area and location tracking so you can exactly check where your kid is. On top of that, you can monitor texts and calls and keep an eye on their contact lists.

2. mSpy

mSpy is a fantastic app to track the online activities of your children. No doubt, the internet is a tremendous tool, but without any supervision, it can turn into a destructive and dangerous place.

The more your children connected, the higher their chances of being exposed to the threats that exist online. That’s why when it comes to children’s safety, parental control is so crucial.

Software can’t do everything, but they can make things easier, especially when your children are getting older and want liberty and independence. This is where mspy keylogger helps parents to record all conversations and downloads, track the keys stuck on the target devices without giving a single clue to the user that someone is monitoring his/her actions.

3. Qustodio

A user friend, excellent and efficient app for parents. Qustodio offers a dashboard that shows all mobile activities of the target device, including time spent on Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram.

This allows you to track messages, set time limits, block any app or game, filter or block specific websites, and many more. Even you can set an age limit on the target device so that your child can approach the relevant and filter site.

4. ESET Parental Control

It is a reliable parental control app for Android devices. Its free version offers app blocking, web guards, games time limit, and reporting. Whereas, the premium version provides location tracker, website blocking, texts, and calls trackers.

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