Samsung Galaxy S5 Sim Card Size

Galaxy S5 Sim Card Size: Wondering what size Sim card you need for the Galaxy S5? As you know, there are different types/size Sim cards. There are Nano Sims, Micro Sims, and Mini Sims. The Samsung Galaxy S5 uses the Micro SIM. However, should you need to use a different sized SIM card with your Galaxy S5, you can do the following:

Galaxy S5 Sim Card Size: Standard Sim Card

Some standard Sim cards come with the option to extract a Micro SIM card from the larger body of the card. You simply have to break carefully it out using what looks like small cracks or perforation on the card. If you do not see this, then, you can take it to a repair shop and have them cut the card down to the right size for the Galaxy S5.

Galaxy S5 Sim Card Size: Nano Sim Card

If you own a Nano Sim card and want to use a Nano Sim card with the Galaxy S5, then you can do so via a Nano Sim card adapter. You may purchase Nano Sim card adapters online or at tech shops. The good thing is that they are affordable and convenient.

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Video: What Sim Card does the Samsung Galaxy S5 use? (micro sim card)

This video shows you what sim card you need for your Galaxy S5: In this short Video I tell you what Sim Card you will have to buy for your Galaxy S5!

If you want, you can also purchase a Micro Sim card from your cell phone provider or a retailer. Now you know the type of SIM card the Galaxy S5 needs, and you also have options to use a different sized Sim card with the Galaxy S5. You can check out our other guides and articles. Thank you for reading: Galaxy S5 Sim Card Size: What Sim Card does Galaxy S5 Use?

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