Logitech Wireless Mouse Not Working Problems & Fixes

Logitech Wireless Mouse Not Working?  Just recently, we received an email that went like this:

Hi, my Logitech wireless mouse suddenly freezes. It no longer works properly and the reset button does not help the situation. Why did my logitech mouse stop working? Is this one of the common Logitech mouse problems? If it helps, I  noticed that it stopped working after my Windows 10 upgrade! How do I fix it?

If you’re experiencing similar problems with your Logitech Wireless Mouse and you’d like to fix it, then these solutions help resolve the issue. To begin, you should note that your Wireless Mouse may stop working for any number of reasons, including but not limited to, battery discharge, USB port problems, mouse driver problems, etc.

How To Resolve Logitech Wireless Mouse Not Working Problems

The first thing that you can do is remove the Logitech wireless mouse USB receiver from your computer and take out the battery in the Logitech wireless mouse as well. Wait for five to ten seconds. After the waiting period, reinsert the USB receiver into your computer and reinsert the battery into the mouse. Does the wireless mouse work now? If yes, then you’re ready to go! If no, then you need to try the other steps in this tutorial.

Check for Hardware Changes

  • Open RUN by pressing the Win Logo key + the R key and type “devmgmt.msc” to open device manager.
  • Now, find Mice and other pointing devices and find your Logitech wireless mouse.
  • Now, right click on your wireless mouse and click Scan for hardware changes.

This operation scans the device and possibly fix any changes that affect your Logitech mouse’s ability to function properly with your computer. Is your Logitech mouse working now? Yes? Great! If not, then try the following.

How to fix faulty Logitech Wireless Mouse USB Receiver

 Logitech Mouse Not Working Windows 10

(Note that this is also a Logitech wireless mouse not working windows 7 fix).If the Logitech mouse stopped working after a Windows 10 upgrade, then the chances are that the device driver needs an update. You can do this by checking the Logitech wireless mouse driver page or you can do the following:

Check for Updates

  • Open RUN by pressing the Win Logo key + the R key and type “devmgmt.msc” to open device manager.
  • Now, find Mice and other pointing devices and find your Logitech wireless mouse.
  • Now, right click on your Logitech wireless mouse and click Update Driver Software.

If there are updates, then you Logitech mouse receives the update and this should resolve the problem. If not, then try this last tip.

Replace Logitech Wireless Mouse Batteries

As strange as it might seem, and while this may very well be the first thing that you should try, replacing your batteries may solve the problem.This step ensures that the batteries are functioning and that the problem is not a dead battery issue.

Logitech Mouse Double Click Problem and How To Fix It

Red Ferret: This is my video of how to fix the infamous Logitech Mouse Double Click Problem, caused by the flattening of a tiny copper switch plate inside the switch unit itself.

 Logitech Mouse Not Working Mac

If you updated to OS X El Capitan and are having issues with your Logitech mouse not working correctly, here’s how to fix Logitech mouse problems in OS X El Capitan and any other Mac OS version. Many Logitech mouse owners complain about a particular problem they have with their pointers. The scroll wheel no longer works in OS X El Capitan. This issue appears only to affect newer Logitech Mice, like the MX Master and the MX Anywhere 2 that use the new Logitech Options software. Luckily, the problem doesn’t seem to affect older Logitech mice like the M705 mouse.

Disconnect and Reconnect

As with the Windows 7 fix, you can disconnect and reconnect your USB receiver as well as remove the battery from your Logitech Wireless mouse. However, newer mice utilise both USB wireless and Bluetooth, so if you’re using the Bluetooth functionality on your mouse and you experience the scroll wheel problem, try to disconnect the mouse from Bluetooth. Even go as far as having your Mac forget the Bluetooth device and repair it completely if turning off and on the mouse doesn’t work.

Update Logitech Options

Logitech Options lets users customise newer Logitech mice. It is standard practice to re-download it from Logitech’s website and re-install it on our Mac to make sure that you have the latest version. The software also allows you to update the drivers for your Logitech wireless mouse.


Thanks for reading: Logitech Wireless Mouse Not Working Problems & Fixes. This post receives regular updates as more fixes and tutorials come to light. You can also read the general, Wireless Mouse Not Working page.


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