ADB & Fastboot for Mac OS

ADB & Fastboot for Mac OS: This tutorial teaches you how to install android studio on mac computers. The Android Debug Bridge (ADB), is a command-line-based tool that allows for interaction between your computer and your Linux-based Android device. Fastboot is an engineering protocol that allows modification to file system images from a computer over a USB connection. Both ADB and Fastboot are packaged as a part of the Android Software Development Kit (SDK), and allow you to perform simple tasks like pushing and pulling files from your device, but they can also help unlock your bootloader and install custom recoveries. All you need to do is download the the ADB setup file on your MAC and follow the instructions to set it up. Here’s how this works:


  • Make a folder named “android”. You can place it anywhere on your hard drive, so long as you remember the location (use the desktop for quick access)
  • Download the Android SDK for MAC
  • Unzip the downloaded file and extract the contents of the “android-sdk-mac_x86” folder into your android folder (created in step one).
  • Run the “Android” executable file located in the folder.
  • Once the executable file completes its actions, check the folder called tools on the interface that appears. Make sure both “Android SDK Tools” and “Android SDK Platform-tools” are selected.
  • Click the Install Package button.
  • Once the downloads finish, go to the platform-tools folder inside the android folder, copy adb and fastboot and paste them into the root of your android folder.

Looking for more? You’re done! You’ve successfully learned how to install ADB & Fastboot on a  Mac computer. You can now run the typical adb commands on Mac. You can watch the video below for help with installation and setup. Also, follow  AshtonTSXDA Thread for updates and further troubleshooting.

Easily Set Up FASTBOOT and ADB on a MAC for Android Smartphones

sakitech: If you want to use fastboot and adb commands on your Android phone using your MAC, this step-by-step tutorial is for you. Using the fastboot and adb for MAC you will be able to follow all unlocking and rooting tutorials, as well as installing custom ROMS, and much more using your MAC OS instead of a Windows PC.

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