How To Perform Link Strike FFXV

So, you want to know how to do a link strike in Final Fantasy XV? Then, follow this FFXV link strike how to guide to find out about link strike weapons and link attacks. Link strikes are powerful combo attacks that Noctis performs with one of his teammates. Additionally, there are three main types of link attacks. They are the command, parry, and blindside link attacks. Each type of link strike has a different method of activation. However, pulling off a link attack is easy for some. Here’s how to do each type of link strike in Final Fantasy XV.

Things to Know

Is there such thing as a cross-link? During specific fights where Ignis or Gladiolus says to do link strikes, what does it mean?

Cross Link

A cross link lets you link strike without parry or blindside. So, if you’re close to the party you should link strike. Furthermore, all other link strikes only occur during parries and blindside links. By other, I mean for the in-battle mini challenges. Both cases happen as long as your team members are close to the target or if they’re wearing friendship bands. Also, there’s a global cooldown for link strikes.


Link strikes & cross links seem to have a cooldown period. Somewhere around 8 seconds appears to be the norm. Additionally, there’s an individual cooldown, for each character’s link strikes, of about 12 seconds. When they give the mini challenge to do link strikes, any form of the above will qualify. And, I suspect that they lift the cooldown limit during these mini-challenges.

Command Link Strike

Command link strikes happen when you initiate a technique. The technique could be from Gladiolus, Prompto or Ignis. These are the main members of the party. The techniques to which I refer or the ones accessible via the L1 button (PS4). These techniques deplete your tech bar; the green gauge that fills during battle.

When you perform a technique, there’s a chance that Noctis can follow up with a link attack. To do this, you hit the circle button on your PlayStation 4 controller when prompted. However, you must hit the button at the right time, or you miss the chance to perform the link attack. This type of link strike is perhaps the most difficult due to the frequency of technique usage.  The link strike occurs at

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Parry Link Strikes

The parry link strike is my favorite type of link attack. Why? Because it is one of the easiest to do. Furthermore, you can do this link attack more often than the command link attack. Moreover, this type of link strike happens automatically. All Noctis has to do is successfully block and then parry an attack.

To block, when prompted, hit the square button on your PS4 controller. After, there may be a prompt to parry by hitting the circle button. The only catch is, Ignis, Gladiolus or Prompto must be nearby to perform the link strike. Once nearby, one of them automatically performs the link attack.

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Blindside Link Attacks

Finally, there are blindside link attacks. I do not like these because I can never get behind a monster for too long. Don’t say it! I suck. But, don’t pretend that you can either. Much like parry link strikes, blindside link strikes are automatic. All Noctis has to do is attack an enemy from behind. However, Gladiolus, Ignis or Prompto must be nearby to perform the link attack. Once there, they perform a powerful attack that deals extra damage to foes.

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