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How to delete Netflix profile on iPhone – Do you have multiple Netflix user profiles? One for the kids, a profile for your brother & sister, and, of course, a profile for the best friend. Now, you’re wondering “how do I delete a user profile on Netflix from my iPhone”? 

Firstly, having multiple Netflix accounts or profiles is useful in many ways. For example, it keeps recommendations for shows and movies unique. However, this is only true if everyone else signs into their designated profile.

I mean, if you are like me, you know that everyone signs into the first account they see. So, more than likely, you might as well remove the extra Netflix profiles.

How Do I Remove Other Users On My Netflix Account?

Are you on an iPhone? Then, to delete a specific Netflix profile, you must first log in to your Netflix account via the iPhone app or mobile website. Once logged on, follow the instructions below to remove unnecessary user profiles:

To delete or edit a profile from the Netflix website, select the edit icon on the profile you want to change under Manage Profiles. For the selected profile, you can select a language and maturity level or to delete the profile, select Delete Profile. Also, note that you can’t delete the main profile.

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To delete a Netflix profile from the iPhone app, simply bring up the screen with all profiles (i.e click the options menu and click the username of the current user to bring up a list of all profiles).

Then, hit the edit button (looks like a pencil). Select the profile you need to edit. From here, delete the selected profile. Also, note that you can only edit the display pic, username and set the account to “kids” via the iPhone app. That is, in addition to deleting the account.

Voila! One profile deleted, one hundred more to go! Repeat the process for each Netflix profile you want to delete. Hmm. Do you want a video illustration? I got you! Check out the video below!

Video: How To Delete A Netflix Profile – How To Remove A Netflix Profile

This quick and easy tutorial shows you how to remove a Netflix profile from your account. Be sure to share the tutorial and a comment if this tutorial helped or if you need help.

To delete a Netflix profile simply click your name to the top right of the Netflix homepage, select manage profile and then follow the steps shown in the video. It’s very simple to get rid of a Netflix profile!

Also, note that once you delete a profile, the viewing history for that profile will no longer be available and cannot be retrieved.

Conclusion: Delete Netflix Profile on iPhone

As you can see, deleting a Netflix profile is easy. From the menu, you can also change the username of the profile, the maturity level and, of course, delete the profile.

However, do remember that you cannot delete the main Netflix profile. Furthermore, removing a Netflix profile erases the viewing history for that account.

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