Choosing The Best SD Card For Your Android Device

To expand your Android’s storage capability, you ought to know the best micro sd card for android phones. However, determining which micro sd card is best depends on several factors. Do you want a 32gb memory card or 128gb micro sd card? Even then, you ought to consider the different types. SDXC, MicroSD, and SDHC. Let’s help you decide which SD card is best for you.

SDXC, MicroSD, and SDHC

Before choosing an SD card for your mobile phone, you must first identify whether or not the above-mentioned are compatible with your smartphone. Also, you must decide which one suits your particular needs. Here are some situations where each may excel over the other:

SDHC MicroSD Card

These cards store files between 2GB to 23GB in size. It is a great choice if all you want is to save your pictures and video files.

SDXC Cards

Also known as extended memory cards, they can store between 32GB to 2TB of data. So, if you have lots of music (mp3), videos, pictures, and documents, these cards are the better choice.

MicroSD Cards

Then, there are the regular microSD cards that store up to two gigs of data. A bit outdated, but they were the norm for older model Android phones.


Ok, now you know the storage capabilities of the different storage cards. Another factor to take into consideration is speed. While shopping for an SD Card you may see terms like Class 2, Class 4, Class 6, and Class 10. These refer to the write speeds per second of that particular card. See below:

  • Class 2 – 2MBps minimum
  • Class 4 – 4MBps minimum
  • Class 6 – 6MBps minimum
  • Class 10 – 10MBps minimum

A U1 UHS Speed means that there is a speed of at least 10 MBps. Meanwhile, a U3 has speeds of at least 30 MBps. However, not all phones support the different speeds. Make sure that your phone supports UHS-1 AND UH-3.

SD Card Sizes

Like Sim Card sizes, there are different SD card sizes. You must always be careful when shopping for an SD card that you choose one that fits your phones memory card slot.

  • Micro size – 11mm x 15mm
  • Mini size – 31.5mm x 20mm
  • Standard – 32mm x 24mm
SD card sizes

SD card sizes

Android devices use the micro size. So, when buying an SD car online, be sure that it says microSD. You can also check your device’s manual to verify the card size. At the end of the day, the most important things to consider are;  what you need it for and what kind of card your phone supports.

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